Always Keep Your Camfrog Logon Private!

Don’t ever enter your Camfrog logon and password or your Camfrog Pro serial number on any other website besides

Lately some Camfrog users have received emails or instant messages falsely stating that if you enter your Camfrog logon and password on a certain website you will get free room hosting or some other free item from Camfrog. This is absolutely false! Please use caution and always make sure the site you are logging on to is If you are not sure then try manually typing in the address bar of your browser before logging on.

If you did accidentally enter your Camfrog logon and password in one of these scam phishing websites then you can quickly change your Camfrog password by going to your contact list, then the “Actions” menu and choose “Change Password”.

If your Camfrog account is stolen please quickly report it to the helpdesk, or logon with a different Camfrog nickname and click “report inappropriate content” on your profile and let us know what happened.

Please visit our security tips page for more security tips.


3 thoughts on “Always Keep Your Camfrog Logon Private!

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      I was thinking in the past to suggest a feature on the clien and the server that will protect user account form someone who try to stolen his one.

      The idea was let the robbers to change the password when they stolen some accounts but pls dont let them to change the mail account in the profile. If users want to change their mail account in their profile have to receive a verify code from camfrog server in the actual mail account (Users have to insert a valid mail account when they register a new account). Doing so if someone guess our password or stolen it we can easily recover our account simply clicking on I forgot my password and entering the stolen nickname and our mail account and then going to Actions change password. Obviously we have to insert a complex password hard to guess anyway and we have to remember to never click or enter our that in some uncknown sites.

      _Oracle_ Opplus of Italiano

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      You compliment _Oracle_, good suggest.
      Don’t allow to change email.

      It would be also excellent that the registration of the nicks happen through confirmation Email.


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      In camfrog there are many people that make’s misuse the system… (so I opt for being in “privacy” to get the comfort of not receive IM’s)

      Many users sent me pages with: Virus Trojans ets… there are people who are not for attention to read the terms of service of camfrog and not respect nothing of this system of leisure and fun.

      Thanks to camfrog with the filter of web pages to open any page from the software gives us a filter ideal to prevent in web pages:Virus, troyans..ets..

      Congratulations again to Camshare! )))

      David aka inimitablo.

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