Activating Camfrog Parental Controls

Did you know Camfrog client has had built in Parental Controls since December of 2006?  It’s easy to activate Parental Controls for Mac and Windows.

For Windows go to the Actions menu in your contact list and choose Parental Controls.  Our Parental Controls help page has detailed instructions.  The password associated with the account is your Windows admin account password.

For the Mac client go to the Camfrog Mac Preferences under the Camfrog Video Chat menu.  Next click the top Parental icon.  You can lock down the controls with your system admin password just like the Windows version.

Windows Vista and Mac OS X now also have built in Parental Controls for the entire operating system.  For Windows go to your Control Panel then choose User Accounts and Family Safety.  For Mac OS X go to your System Preferences and choose Parental Controls.

Also don’t forget to check out our Safety and Security Tips page if you haven’t already.


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      I think parental controls should be active as the default setting, that way, kids who do not have ADMIN rights cannot intuitively use the controls to allow then access to Adult areas.

      Just a thought.

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