Beware of Scammers

It has recently come to our attention that some users are offering “Lifetime Pro” if you send them money over Western Union, and give them your nickname password. These users are trying to scam you, and steal your account. For security concerns, NEVER give your account password to ANYONE. Our […]

Be Wary of Phishing Scams!

Recently, many websites have been appearing that look like offering free Camfrog Coins, free virtual gifts, or free Camfrog Pro. These sites are all scams, and will steal your usernames! If you enter your nickname and password into one of these phishing sites, your account will be stolen, and […]

Phishing Site Warning!

Please be aware, there are several phishing/scam websites out there right now offering free gifts, or free coins for Christmas. These websites look like website, and ask you to enter your username and password to claim your free Camfrog Coins, or Christmas Virtual Gift. These websites then steal your […]

Camfrog Security Tips

We have noticed a lot of people contacting our support team with questions or issues that are security related, and so wanted to just pass on a few security tips to help keep you safe. 1: Be extra cautious of phishing sites. Never enter your Camfrog account password in a […]

Phishing Email Alert – Fake Esellerate Order Email

Yesterday our helpdesk began to get email bounces from a phishing email that appears to be sent from Morocco.  The email makes itself look like it’s an Esellerate order for Camfrog Pro, but the download link is changed where it links to a virus hosted by an ISP in France. […]

Phishing Alert

Unfortunately some fraudulent phishing emails have been going around that say you have received a virtual gift, and you must logon to a website with your Camfrog logon and password to retrieve it.  This email is false.  You will not recieve a gift, and you will be giving your Camfrog […]

Phishing Alert

Warning: Camfrog will never ask you to logon to your account to keep it from being disabled. Only enter your Camfrog logon and password when the website domain is Please be on the lookout for fake emails that ask you to click a link and enter your logon and […]

Camfrog Malware Scam Warning

When downloading Camfrog please only download directly from or  Even if the site you are visiting has the same graphics and logo of Camfrog it may be a phishing or malware site.  Look carefully in the address bar of your browser and make sure the URL you are […]

Hidden Emails – Fighting Phishing

Due to phishing emails sent to our users we have now hidden all room owner and user profile email addresses on our website.  We hope to find a way to bring back user and room owner emails in the future. Most Camfrog Client users will not be affected because by […]