5.0 Video Window Size & Screen Space

Today a user sent us a message that he uninstalled Camfrog 5.0 because he could not open very many webcams in recommended or super rooms, because it would fill up his screen. The user said he did not like that room owners could choose what size video windows he had to view.

In Camfrog 5.0 we made sure Camfrog client users are still in complete control when it comes to choosing what size video you want to view. Go to your contact list to find the “actions” menu then choose “settings” then go to “video”.

From there you can choose to set your default video viewing size to whatever you want for any type of room. The video you are viewing will still come in at the resolution the room owner selected but it will be resized to fit your screen better.


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      Right, but problem is Classic STILL leaves the windows huge. You could also re-add the “small” option in there.

      It’d be nice if you’d let us -downgrade.-

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      why not see webcam

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      super Vertion de camfrog bravo .. (Good Work)

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      The main reason I didn’t upgrade yet (and probably won’t unless forced to) is because Camfrog 5.0 still doesn’t have cam stickyness. I’m still on 3.94, and like many other Camfrog users I’m very picky about my cam organization. The vertical/horizontal/vertical+horizonal auto-organizing simply doesn’t fit my needs. I need to be able to anchor my own webcam somewhere on the screen (I always maximize the chat room window, and put my own cam in the top right, but not covering the userlist) and be able to “stick” cams I open to my own cam quickly and perfectly symmetrically aligned. With any Camfrog version above 3.94, there is no stickyness, and unless I do some surgical precision cam placement, it always looks sloppy. I guess I’m just picky, but it would be nice to use that feature again.

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      Dear Camfrog,

      The issue I have with the new camfrog 5.0 is the video feature. Coming from a user and hoster point of view some people would say it is a good thing but if I go in a room with many users and would like to open 30+ cams I would not be able to because of the size.

      Also if I host a room with 40+ and they all the recommended or super setting. This is going to eat the bandwidth as we do not have the small feature anymore which was problably the most liked setting for Operators and some users.

      I would also like to note that I believe Camfrog 3.94 was/is the best version there is. The only big issue is not having sound when you enter a room from a private conversation. It is a shame that all these good settings are lost.

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      well .. i hope in next update of client an option to disable super mode for
      users with lower bandwith. Many dsl 2000 users cannot talk in my room because the traffic is too much for his connectionspeed

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