Room Owners: Enhance Your Room's Profile Today!

Want to make your room more interesting, or attract new people?

We’re making it even easier for users to find your room in the next version of Camfrog (coming soon!)

In the meantime, you can start customizing your room’s profile now, so that when we launch your room will be ready! Here’s how you customize your room profile: Head on over to and login with your room name/password. then click the “Settings” link. You can then upload a profile pic (At least 176x144px .jpg or .png) Choose your room’s location, and add some category tags.

These tags will let users know what your room is about, and will be searchable in the new rooms browser!

We’re really excited to make it even easier for everyone to find your room, and hope you’re excited too!


And for a sneak peek of what your room’s profile will look like inside the new Rooms Browser:roomSome other cool new features coming soon in the new version:

  • Send stickers in Instant Messages!
  • Enhanced privacy – Combing privacy with Online, Away, Busy, or Invisible
  •  Added ability to hide YouTube videos in rooms

Be sure to get your room ready!


12 thoughts on “Room Owners: Enhance Your Room's Profile Today!

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      Nice update… Awaited new applications.. Congratulations works best camfrog

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      Nice job… Congratulations works best camfrog

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      Genre room searchable by category tags will be helpful.
      Thank you.

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      Having decent information about rooms is a good thing. Since you are working on a new version, can you make a function to Automatically IGNORE room bots? Rooms with 2 or more bots just look like SPAM and interferes with communications. This is just a thought.

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      This is cool, nice work…
      I can’t wait to see what else you guys have planned for the new bot, server and user clients, and hopefully you’ll get around to at least including some form of emoticons/stickers and program links (camfrog:add/join/im @username etc…in the mobile apps.

      And just in case this idea has not been entertained yet:

      More options for moderator mode please!
      More variety of rooms, and dynamics,
      Such as (text, audio, and video broadcasting server options/toggles incorporated into it.)

      Moderator mode allows: (friend and above)
      Audio broadcasting □
      Video”broadcasting □
      Text interaction □
      Paused cams □ ?
      Would be a simple solution to the perv problem in many general rooms…
      Promoting good behavior and interaction.


    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      When are you going to release the new version of camfrog? The last update was almost half year ago. Are you going to add stickers in IM?

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      It’s very nice update and congratulation camfrog.

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      ” Send stickers in Instant Messages! ”
      Yeah! Nice work !

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      I think it’s great, everything is improving the program

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      Nice Update Frog 🙂

      have a solution for room name use chart can invited?

      example : BO@S
      room with this name cant invite user from im

      Please Update

      Thanks Frog 🙂

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      cannot change or update picture :O please fix about this…

      thank you

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      I was trying to add profile pic to my room profile but I had no luck. I was trying different sizes and different format (jpg and png). I can see the uploaded pic on the settings page but there is no pic on the profile page after saving.

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