We’ve heard your feedback, and would like to announce that you can now find even more rooms than ever on our mobile apps! Starting today, you can visit your profile settings page, and in your “Privacy” settings tab, you can check the box labeled “Show 18+ rooms.”18upWhen this option is checked, and you log on to Camfrog mobile apps, you’ll now see 18+ rooms category in the rooms list. This setting will sync across all mobile devices you sign in on, and in a future update, will also sync with the Windows app as well.

Also remember, as always, you can find the full rooms list on the web at https://videochat.camfrog.com

Comments on: "Show more rooms on mobile" (5)

  1. Need add DEAF by category

  2. FrogCF said:

    Prefect, Excellent works.

  3. FrogCF said:

    Prefect. Nice job.

  4. God job Cf, thanks 🙂

  5. excellent work :=) my favori general room.

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