We had a bit of a hiccup!


Yesterday was a busy day, as many of you know, we had a bit of a hiccup yesterday, which caused many people to not be able to sign on, or load camfrog.com

This was caused by a temporary issue with our DNS provider, however we were finally able to resolve the issue and get everyone back online. We will continue to work over the coming days to add extra redundancy to ensure this type of outage doesn’t happen.

As always, we are extremely grateful for your patience while we work through this, and as a quick way to say thanks for holding steady through the rough day yesterday, we’re making the Frog Fun 2, and Frog Love sticker packs free until December 1st.

8 thoughts on “We had a bit of a hiccup!

  1. Prittam

    We Miss Canfrog for 45 hours on 25th Dec….
    – Thanks camfrog for the Stickers………. …….

  2. michael ayre

    not sure if I been hacked changed password twice and it says …….Error…invalid nickname or password what is wrong……..is it Camfrog or hacker……………..user name

  3. if he says error, possibly have the password badly or the e-mail, in last case it can be that its nickname is prohibited for not using it, for any information consult in helpdesk@camfrog. com

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