Hi there! I’m… uhhh…


My spaceship crashed and I have forgotten my name! I’m friendly so, If you help me remember my name, I’ll give you 1 month of Camfrog GOLD and exclusive early access to my sticker pack!

Leave a comment here or on our Facebook post to enter. Make sure to include your Camfrog nickname in the comment!

Good Luck Earthlings!

Comments on: "Help a friendly alien find his name!" (23)

  1. PrInC3_Of_Hell said:

    your name is figo! remember now;)

    my nickname is CF(C)

  3. dewikusuma said:

    Plankton hhhh >> artemys

  4. Nice sticker

  5. The alien name is RjTamil

  6. Bibb Is ur name

    My cf nickname: AMERICAN

  7. Come and get the new fun to enjoy you self with new friend.

  8. votre nom est Struck ! rappelez-vous maintenant :p mon id @Rs. merçi :p

  9. maybe “fred” a martian frog ..lol camfrog id Sk____ and Snipercfhost

  10. Your Name is Alrog ( Alien + Frog )
    My Nick : Ta7

  11. Your name is Gülüszem
    my nick is zsolt

  12. Cf i likeit

  13. john xavier said:

    your name is CAMFROGALIEN

  14. john xavier said:

    one more name CAMO-FRO-GALIEN

  15. Robo_frog? Maybe? Frobot?

  16. Sorry, my cf Nick is sammy105. My suggestions: frobot or robofrog. B-)

  17. BillyDaKidd009 said:

    kool like aliens

  18. Your name is Martin and my nickname is (L)(A)(F)

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