Unlock the Ultimate Camfrog Experience with Camfrog Gold

gold_gold Jump out of the crowd with Camfrog Gold!

Show off your power user status by standing out with a shiny Gold nick!

Do you like changing your display name more often? Are you running out of VIP messages? Do you enjoy joining multiple rooms at once? Do you love Gold? Camfrog Gold is for you!

With Camfrog Gold you can:

  • Show off your Gold nickname
  • View an unlimited number of cams
  • Enjoy multiple window size options
  • Take advantage of premium features on your Android or iOS device
  • Join up to five rooms at once
  • Change your nickname once a month
  • Top Cams List: See the most popular users in each room
  • Send up to 25 VIP Messages per month to anyone on Camfrog

Hop to it and join the Gold Club!

Please make sure you have the latest version of Camfrog installed to best enjoy your new Camfrog Gold features.


9 thoughts on “Unlock the Ultimate Camfrog Experience with Camfrog Gold

  1. MyCamfrog

    Great fitur!
    The best update on 2015, but I see the price it so expensive.

    1. failures such as Auto Log remember password and are being corrected , will soon be enhanced new version .. have nice day enjoy 🙂

  2. all things have because one thing at a time, and in the end everything will be ok 🙂 HAVE GOOD DAY

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