It’s Time to Update Camfrog for Windows


Are you using an older version of Camfrog for Windows? It’s time to update to the latest version.

Starting Monday, March 1st, older versions of Camfrog for Windows will not be able to sign on. To keep signed in, please make sure you download the latest version of Camfrog from today.


25 thoughts on “It’s Time to Update Camfrog for Windows

  1. For Portugueses
    Você está usando uma versão antiga do Camfrog para Windows? É hora de atualizar para a versão mais recente.
    A partir de segunda-feira, 1 março, versões mais antigas do Camfrog para Windows não será capaz de assinar o contrato. Para manter conectado, por favor, certifique-se de fazer o download da versão mais recente do Camfrog de hoje.

  2. this new version have more problem im check it and if take any text copy and make it past in any im privet text in privet all is clear and can not see any words betwen me and wo talk with me and also have more problem with rooms have big moted if enter any room have big moted make room lag and send not respnteng so pleas check it and fix thats problem in new version


      1. can you try take cope and past any words text in im u well see this problem and this version have problem in more rooms have big moted and also not have youtube and more emo not work in it so pleas check it

    1. If there some problems with the latest version then why don’t report it click on your camfrog on your windows tab go down to help. You will see something called this. ( Have problem send bug report) click it. fill out the forum send it. ps make sure put email in as the developments teams mite need contact you for more information.

  3. Camfrog said: February 15, 2015 at 10:23 am
    @Macbook1 – We’re hoping to have a full-featured Mac version, with all the features as Windows version later this year 🙂


    Does anyone notice one issue on after click a link from version 6.10 (build 454) client’s help/about/camfrog blog ? I guess it supposes to be http instead of https, right?


      1. yes , I like the latest version because new version can change background for use a picture beautiful at background im 😉

      2. if the background color changes but not the letter, thus not stand more than two minutes im writing, would have to change the font color of personal more message, thanks ;D

      3. Camfrog newest version GREAT, I agree the colorer fonts should come back making easy for other’s to read there im boxes.

        The problem i have with the new version the time stamps and date’s, and unable to see who speaking to less look at the top of the box.

        * I think there should be option to use the old im version & use the new version in our options in our control panels.

      4. no more message no connection, not the user symbol appears offline ….I hope that soon solutions, and to change the font color in private im, Greetings 🙂

  5. Please remember USERS there number of user’s on Camfrog thief of Camfrog nickname please don’t take any file or open these files. You should click the disagree button.

    They will come out with something like want see my tattoo
    And the file sending you back door to access your computer.

    Please keep your safe don’t share anything with anyone, if they are on your list they could be victim of this scam as well.

  6. if I am not mistaken, in October will be released the version for mac all mac users were waiting, greetings … but while enjoy the camfrogvideochat:)

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