Beta Test Camfrog for Windows


Are you someone who always has the latest gadgets and devices? Do you want to keep on top of things with the latest software too?

We’d like to invite you to beta test the latest version of Camfrog for Windows! We’ve added a few new much requested features for Extreme users, and swatted some bugs that others have reported.

One of my favorite new features, is the newly re-designed IM window, with custom backgrounds! (You can change your IM background by logging in to and going to your profile settings)


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  1. I’ve just tested this out and its not working for me my im box images have not changed

  2. Plus the download beta images not working.

  3. Yes, download dont work 😦

  4. still does not work, but certainly soon!!

  5. when I’m trying to open the history of IM messages the software is stop responding and quit

  6. I’ve downloaded the beta version.

    Excellent all the IM’s images don’t work please fix camfrog.

  7. everything working great for me .. welll doneeeee

  8. OK i like straight im Message as Applications LINE

  9. Bug found : If i pick image my friend picks different one it changes my im box to the same image he picked if i change mine changes his.

  10. seems too strange, no text appears the correct size although I have changed, appears the same

    • Your correct, If you change your font size makes the box bigger. If you look at the image on the right hand side will see this mate.

  11. Looks Great keep up the Good work, and it works great for me

  12. Personal reviews, If someone causing problems how do we report abuse now as there no longer there name in the box.

    You have made this more like skype i think this needs changing as i don’t like the new skype im boxes as well personal reviews please update the the old im boxes with new icons as pal talk as loads but camfrog allways last have updates.

  13. users I talk to them im, they appear small letters

  14. Where is the software to download?

  15. Can I sign up/volunteer to be a beta tester for the new Mac version?

  16. I’ve found a bug in 6.9 Build 429. When you open an IM box to message someone it doesn’t scroll down to the bottom of the message. It instead starts halfway and you have to scroll down to see the new messages.

    • To clarify my post, this only happens when you have the History enabled and set to “Display last 10 messages in IM conversation” checked. I have unchecked it for now and the messages now are displaying ok so I don’t have to scroll down. Can you please fix this bug. Please let me know if this makes sense.

  17. I hope the beta version is stable and can be used soon, Happy 2015 to everyone, greetings !!!

  18. mr__rob said:

    going into IM history bombs it out,apart from that pretty snazzy

  19. nice !!! beta good release….

  20. Seems to be working fine for me, we will see after few days.


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