Add Flair to your Nick!

bucket_03_03You’ve been asking for it, and now we’re happy to give it to you! Nickname Flair!

Instantly change the color of your nick, and you’ll stand out from everyone else, It’s one of the best ways to get noticed!

Turn your nick BLUE, ORANGE, PINK, GOLD, or RED

Choose your color, by visiting the new Nickname Flair gift category.

Did you know, if you have more than one color, you can change the color you want to wear anytime? Just visit your Profile Settings page on and look for the “Colored Nickname” setting to change your available color


8 thoughts on “Add Flair to your Nick!

    1. Rui Sampaio

      Ce cadeaux virtuel va cesser dans 7 jours. Très cher juste pour 7 jours? si vous voulez acheter un mois quatre cadeaux, ce est Camfrog, bonnes fêtes

      1. I give my opinion honestly, if you have money do not say it is expensive, just do not buy him, you have a good day 🙂

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