New on Camfrog This Week!


We’ve got a lot going on this week, and wanted to let you in on what’s new on Camfrog this week!allyarchieFirst, we’ve added the Ally & Archie sticker pack to everyone as the free sticker pack of the week. To get it, simply login to Camfrog, and it’ll be there in your sticker tray!

Camfrog Video Chat 6.9 for Windows

We just published Camfrog 6.9 for Windows. This update fixes some bugs that you have reported, plus adds a couple cool new features, and includes a few interface tweaks to make Camfrog easier to use!

If you have Camfrog Extreme you can type /pop in a room to automatically open the most popular cams any time!


Change your Nickname!

Now Camfrog Extreme members can change their nickname!

nickYou can change your nickname once every 3 months, and even include special characters, and spaces! To change your nickname, simply login to and visit your profile settings page. If you don’t have Camfrog Extreme, you can upgrade your membership by Clicking Here

Triple Point Virtual Gifts

We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving here at Camfrog HQ, and wanted to share the holiday spirit with everyone!


From now through Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 27th) We’ve made a few virtual gifts worth TRIPLE [x3] POINTS!

Click here to visit the Virtual Gifts Catalog

Keep on the lookout for even more exciting things coming soon! 😉

Comments on: "New on Camfrog This Week!" (13)

  1. Crazydog07 said:

    Great features!

    It’s would be nice if allowing us change nickname more than once within 3 months. First time will be free, next time should charge $0.99 per change nickname. Sometimes I will have no patience to change nickname until 3 months.

  2. I think it’s great, it’s something great, we are waiting for the user counter in android, hopefully soon, greetings

  3. if you want to change nickname, but I’ll stick with mine, I would not change it for anything, lol

  4. *"DJ~NuMBeR~One"* said:

    What is the rule for 1 month Extreme code holders? They are allowed to keep modified nicks for 3 month or until the expiration date of the extreme code?

  5. if you are not extreme, the nickname returns to its original state (Y)

  6. Recommend : Camfrog Extreme setting for change nickname /
    I think is better can cancel if can’t use nickname and should be 1 month

    • Camfrog Extreme setting for change nickname /
      I think is better can cancel if can’t use nickname and should be 1 month

  7. once again no update for mac … the last one was in April … start to be long

  8. Mac Update, Mac update, Mac Update

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