Server Software Update

Hello Room Owners and Hosting Providers!


We’ve got an update ready for you!

If you run a Camfrog Server, or are a Hosting operator, you’ll need to update your server software!

You can download the latest version of Camfrog Server 6.3 by Clicking Here

If you’re a hosting provider, you can download the latest version of our Distributed Server from your Hosting Account Portal (Click here to go to the portal)

This update includes several bug fixes, including some security fixes, as well as support for some great new features that are coming soon to the Camfrog Video Chat apps!

Please be aware, that this is a mandatory update. If you don’t update your servers by November 21st, your rooms may not be able to sign on after that date, so be sure to update as soon as possible!

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  1. nice, anything other improvements, this is great for video chat, a greeting

  2. FrogCf Camfrog Beta tester said:

    Excellent, the new updates function that coming soon with camfrog apps. Getting the servers all ready for new update.

  3. What are the differences in the new version

  4. Good Thnx Frog My Room Z3B join (y)

  5. I thought you were supposed to improve the attack on the server to maintain the system is stable . Not to be a hit off a simple solution ip. Or create a better system .

  6. if i was u FrogCF u should delete camfrog then and move to palktalk if it not intresting anymore for u …. I love camfrog and i do love our CDS

  7. Dear, +Camfrog

    There number of bugs found in Camfrog Single Server, n-users having audio crashes since the new updated and dropping services like cams in rooms.

    GS1 – Thank – You for your message but there no need to be rude about things.

  8. there is lots of bugs with this new server updates cams keep freezing and users cant open users cams straight away. we have checked all ports and check connection but no changes please could you check this out asap.

    Many Thanks

  9. Good camfroger (L)

  10. Bronx_Guy said:

    In your email to CDS Hosters you mentioned that “a new SDK for bots” is coming soon. Will the custom plugins be compatible with the new bot?

  11. Bronx_Guy said:

    By the way….my CDS users, the ones with the latest client release are experiencing better audio video quality, and room’s disconnections stopped.


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