Beta Test Camfrog for iPhone and iPad

Do you have an iPhone or iPad, and want to try out the latest, greatest versions of Camfrog Videochat?

Great News! You can now join the Camfrog Video Chat Beta Testers program for iPhone and iPad!

It’s pretty easy to sign up. Just let us know your name, which device you have, and your email address (This needs to be the email address you use to access and login to the AppStore)

If you’re accepted into the beta program, we’ll contact you to let you know when we’re ready for you to test out the newest versions of Camfrog before anyone else has access to it!

Click Here to sign up to be a Beta Tester for Camfrog Video Chat for iPhone and iPad

8 thoughts on “Beta Test Camfrog for iPhone and iPad

  1. Cf(C)

    He is great with new features, great functional, greetings and have a good time !! luck guys with fun

  2. FrogCF - Camfrog Beta Tester

    This very good idea we tested it on Camfrog with android phones. The BETA testers work very hard bring out good systems.

  3. chaynst

    Or maybe, you know, you could try updating the OSX version every once in a while. At least keep it on par feature-wise with the Windows client. Some of us actually use Camfrog on both a Windows and an OSX machine.

  4. Crazydog07

    Looking forward to be part of Beta Tester. I hope you are using TestFlight App, it’s one of the best distribution to the Alpha or Beta group for Smartphone platform

    1. Cf(C)

      I am using the only one there on the page, no other moment, hopefully in the next, add the user counter and see the email nickname, greetings and have a good day 🙂

  5. Sam

    How about a newer version for Mac as well? Maybe a version where we have the same options like on a windows version, and stickers? Sucks to be left behind when paying the same amount of money 🙁

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