With the help from all your useful feedback, we’ve just published Camfrog 6.8.398


This version of Camfrog has many bug fixes that have been reported.

Because of updated security protocols, we are making this a required update. If you’re using an older version of Camfrog, you will need to download the latest version within the next week, otherwise you may not be able to sign on again until you update!



Comments on: "Camfrog for Windows Update Available!" (8)

  1. honestly, it is more stable, but still do not think this quite finished, the feel is the truth, could be more stable !! I hope the improve, greetings !!!

  2. Congratulations, but updating what’s new

  3. *"DJ~NuMBeR~OnE"* said:

    Congratulations for the decision to stop older versions and force users to upgrade.

  4. RyanTheCowTipper said:

    Is there a Macintosh Upgrade for Cam Frog in the works? 🙂

  5. I would love to see a username restriction policy of some kind to limit how many usernames can be active on one computer it would help with moderation of rooms.

  6. I feel good, a single version ,in my rooms, almost all have the new version installed

  7. great it is the latest one, 6.8.398 enjoy the new version 😀

  8. Паша Шек said:

    MacBook pro 15 Retina camfrog problem(

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