12 thoughts on “Join the Party with Camfrog EXTREME!

  1. Zonopy LTD

    i upgraded to the extreme which is loads better, but got an idea maybe it will work give an option to pick your own nickname color, or let people pay about $4 a month for their own choice of color and don’t have to have camfrog extreme

  2. *"DJ~NuMBeR~OnE"*

    Upgrade should be enabled for existing annual pro code holders while purchase or giving as gift. Also reduces prices to be applied for holders of the old unlimited pro codes.

      1. *"DJ~NuMBeR~OnE"*

        Camfrog Extreme cost is $.89.95 and Camfrog Pro $.44.95 Any people bought a procode before 17th September should repay $.89.95 for Camfrog Extreme? People already have a pro code should pay the difference i.e $.45 for Extreme. Same for people who has old unlimited pro codes. I’m talking this upgrade prices! Camfrog Guys should handle this problem.

  3. Cf(C)

    hello, that you should talk to camfrog, sending email to the ATTENDANCE helpdesk@camfrog.com,, players will give you the answer, showing the reference number of your camfrog pro, greeting !!!!

    1. *"DJ~NuMBeR~OnE"*

      The problem has been transmitted to helpdesk 10 days ago. The answer received is: “it should show you the upgrade price on our website. If it does not or if you have any further questions please let me know. ” Website does not show upgrade prices and I don’t have any further answer to my e-mails. For that reason I’m writing here.

  4. Cf(C)

    I can only advise you to send another email to camfrog, there is no way to fix it, I can not help but feel I’m another user more

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