New Camfrog for Android!

We’ve been busy here at Camfrog, and are excited to announce a great new update to Camfrog for Android!


We completely redesigned the interface from the ground up, to give a fresh look, that is easy to use!

We’ve also introduced a cool new feature: Group Selfies

Take a full-screen snapshot with you and your friends, to share your fun times on Camfrog!

Download the latest version today by searching Camfrog in the Google Play Store or:


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  2. please do app for windows phones

  3. alainacelia said:

    Look, the Group Selfies is the bees knees and it just got a hell of a lot better. … In other words, your Group Selfies game just got elevated.

  4. I do not like, that is designed for the tablet

  5. is very different and the mails or colors are not seen

  6. does not work well in the Sony Z Ultra.

  7. not work well on any android

  8. This version have more bugs… Incomplet

  9. it does work , it works well on my s4 .. only annoying thing there isnt no quit menu to get out the app when you dont want it working in the background…

  10. not appear in this version, who looks at me, should correct that. thanks

  11. not appear, who looks not know who is watching me, miss that and then some

  12. do not know who looks at who, in this version of android

  13. cyberlonerc said:

    shoud add 18+ camfrog users is getting lower lower……. zzzzzzzzz

  14. pijitrashop said:

    Font is smallest, not zoom

  15. Nice ❤

  16. @shuko I’ve seen your message, after beta testing this app for months the way you can see if any one watching you will go yellow on your app.

    Thank You — Danny ( Beta Testing Team )

  17. @ shuko If you don’t like the design, for the “TABLET” version please leave feedback on the ” Google Play” feed back page for the development teams at Camfrog.

    Thank You –Danny ( Beta Testing Team )

  18. if, for the tablet version I like, but java still missing 2 things, looks at me and know who the user counter one bedroom !!!!

  19. -screen rotation doesn’t work on my phone but works on my tablet
    -can’t switch between front and back camera
    -my video has very bad quality and very slow
    -video always get paused in private chat when i write text message
    -can’t send/receive/see any emoticons or stickers

    • lack the user counter, in andorid, but adding iran, think it’s just a beta,,,,,all improvement (Y)

  20. missing, to log into stealth mode, must be corrected

  21. danny bro stop commenting u dont work for camfrog (You Are Not Camfrog)

  22. no problem, I guess it will soon be corrected

  23. in camfrog, know what they do, calm, know very well, many years here

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