World Cup Elimination Rounds!

Don't forget: The "Victory" sticker pack is great to cheer the game in your favorite rooms!

Victory stickers – Cheer your team in chat!

Celebrate your country’s victory and advancement towards the World Cup finals!

Immediately after each match, when your country wins, that country’s flag will have TRIPLE (x3) points for 1 hour to celebrate the win!

We know you’re excited, and we also have the World Cup Fever! So celebrate your win with everyone else on Camfrog!

Don’t forget to get your country’s spirit flag to turn your nick BLUE and put your flag next to your nick. Show everyone on Camfrog you support your team on gameday!


Get the flag of Brazil next to your Blue Nick!
Get the flag of Colombia next to your BLUE nick!
Get the flag of France next to your Blue Nick!
Get the flag of Germany next to your Blue Nick!
Get the flag of Belgium next to your Blue Nick!
Get the flag of Argentina next to your Blue Nick!
Get the flag of Costa Rica next to your Blue Nick!
Costa Rica
Get the flag of the Netherlands next to your Blue Nick!
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Get the flag of Chile next to your Blue Nick!
Get the flag of Uruguay next to your Blue Nick!
Get the flag of Nigeria next to your Blue Nick!
Get the flag of Algeria next to your Blue Nick!
Get the flag of the United States next to your Blue Nick!
United States
Get the flag of Switzerland next to your blue nick!
Get the flag of Greece next to your Blue Nick!
Get the flag of Mexico with a Blue Nick!

Remember, spirit flags with blue nick last for 24 hours each.

Do You Have Team Spirit?


We know you’re excited about the World Cup. We also have World Cup Fever!

We decided that we should be able to show all of Camfrog who we’re cheering for!

Every day, the countries that have a match will have a special Spirit Flag gift available. This Spirit Flag will turn your nickname blue for 24 hours, and put your country’s flag next to your nickname!


When you go into your favorite chatroom to cheer your country, or trashtalk the other team, everyone will know who you support, because you’ll stand out in the list!

Spirit flags will only be available on the day that country plays, up until the time the game is over.

Show Your Team Support!


We know you’re excited to support your team in Brazil, so show everyone on Camfrog who you’re cheering for!

On the day of your country’s game, get your team’s flag, and if your team wins, you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing to win a cool prize!

As an added bonus, on game day, each country that is playing, will have their flag be x2 points! A perfect time to upgrade your achievement status!


At the end of the day, after each game, we’ll pick one recipient of the winning country’s flag to give the prize to.

Click here to get your country’s flag

World Cup on Camfrog!

We’re super excited about the World Cup, and have come out with some pretty sweet gifts just for the occasion!


Get ready to support your favorite team, by sending that country’s flag as a virtual gift! If your team wins, we’ll randomly choose one recipient of that country’s flag at the end of the day to win 5,000 free Camfrog Coins

Click Here to visit the virtual gifts catalog, and send your team’s flag!

Remember, we’ll randomly pick one recipient of the winning team’s flag to receive 5,000 Camfrog coins for free!

We’ve also got what you need to make some noise! If you get a Vuvuzela gift, your nick will turn BLUE and you’ll get a sweet football next to your nick!

cfo0612_085434Everyone will know that you’re ready for the World Cup with your sweet vuvuzela!


Be Wary of Phishing Scams!

phishing-scammer1Recently, many websites have been appearing that look like offering free Camfrog Coins, free virtual gifts, or free Camfrog Pro.

These sites are all scams, and will steal your usernames!

If you enter your nickname and password into one of these phishing sites, your account will be stolen, and you might not be able to get it back!

For this reason, please be extra cautious that you never enter your Camfrog account username/password into a website that is not

For more information on how to keep your account information secure, please see our Security Tips page

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