Room Rewards!

Do you own a room? If so, we’re excited to announce Room Rewards!

points-icoFor a limited time, if a user in your room sends a virtual gift to another user in your room, your room’s account will get 5% of the coins value free!


You can log on to using your room’s name and password to send your valued members cool virtual gifts!

Remember, in order for your room to get bonus coins, both the sender and receiver must be in the same room.

*Note: Room Rewards are only available to rooms hosted using a Camfrog Distributed Hosting provider from

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  1. ultimatebliss said:


  2. Worth to try! 🙂

  3. DeviL said:

    my room : Xx_MaRKa_KIZLaR_KaLiTe_eRKeKLeR_xX

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