camfrog_androidOur mobile team has been working pretty hard, and are very excited to announce that Camfrog Pro is now available on your Android Phone!

Join a room, and videochat with multiple people at the same time, right from your phone. Not only that, but your friends will see your nick as BOLD Camfrog Pro user! Search the Google Play store for Camfrog Pro or click the badge below


Comments on: "Camfrog Pro – Now Available on Android!" (2)

  1. android user said:

    On the login screen I can not enter my 19 characters long password because I can enter only 18 characters in the password field.
    -I can view max 6 cam in same time (that is good enough)
    -When I browsing the user list in the room or writing/readin IMs my cam is goes to pause. This is very annoying and in some room paused cam is not allowed so automatic got kicked from the room.
    -In private chat I can’t read/write messages and view/show cam in same time

  2. Aardopotamus said:

    Are there any plans to add the ability to be able to use text chat.. while in a video chat?

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