YouTube Parties In Your Favorite Rooms!

You found a super fun YouTube video, and now you want to share it in your room. Well, instead of just copying the link, have a YouTube watching party. Download the the latest update to Camfrog, and you can share a video, and everyone in the room can watch it at the same time, with synchronized playback!


Chat in the room while the video is playing, or pop out the video into it’s own window. If you’re an operator, or owner of a room, you can start a YouTube party by opening up the built in OpTools window, and clicking on the new YouTube tab. Simply copy/paste the video URL into the box, and press the Play button. That’s all there is to it! You can pause, stop, or seek to a specific part of the video from here, and everyone will be able to watch along!


Download the latest version of Camfrog today to join in the fun!

Note, some rooms may need to update their Server software to support YouTube parties.

We’re working on adding support for Mac and Mobile devices as well. Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “YouTube Parties In Your Favorite Rooms!

  1. NUTs

    MAC OS x users are deprived of all the good features of camfrog .
    many good features like Camfrog Web extension are yet to be supported on mac since a year . Also optools are available for windows users sing long back ..but not for mac
    I hope MAC users also get some attention

  2. hello camfrog….we have a major problem with doing this youtube….

    can u add a button so when people in room or chatting…they have a option
    to not watch youtube videos or videos in room….like a agreement option yes or no to accept….its driveing people nuts when in rooms an people posted videos an also people are playing music on mic an singing …..

    we need a button to accept or deny so it dont peee people off in room when listing or singing in room


  3. honda_b16a

    im using os x, i hope the IT guys can provide the same features the windows have

  4. proserven

    I hope to see soon a desktop sharing capability or at least a Power Point sharing like google docs or something… that would be awesome!!!!

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