We’re super excited to announce this fun, new way to add even more fun to Camfrog. Introducing: Camfrog Stickers!

Sticker Packs are available for only 125 Camfrog Coins and never expire. To get everyone started, we even include the Frog Fun Sticker pack for free. All you have to do to start sending stickers, is Upgrade to the latest version of Camfrog

Also new in this version: Show off your Camfrog Pro status. Now all Camfrog Pro users will appear as Bold Green nicknames, in your buddy list, IM window, and even in your favorite chatrooms! To upgrade to a nick, click here to Register for Camfrog Pro, starting at only $6.95


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  1. is it possible to send sticker with message? or how can i send it to dedicate to one user?

  2. 1_pitbull_om_1 said:

    hello new camfrog (y) kiss !!!


    New cool symbols for the room’s user status::

    Owner shows |^| looks like a house icon

    Operator or Opplus shows [M] looks like a medal M icon

    Friend shows *_* looks like a smile icon

    I guess colorful user status for the room such as RED, GREEN & BLUE are not longer, is that right?


  4. *"DJ~NuMBeR~OnE"* said:

    Stickers could not be sended in some rooms. What is the resaon?

  5. Hi, the new update is nice. But when are we gonna get new updates for OSX users. It’s really hard to login and still can’t use get into CDS rooms using TCP mode.

  6. 1 question , can bot type that sticker

  7. it good ways..but i think cool if not stickers, need new emoticon like .gif format , not silent picture like that.

    and how about upgrade for bot camfrog.. funny if bot messenger can show pictures too in room..

  8. If it can free sticker My Frog 😀

  9. Please update new version add feature message from IM stickers.

  10. alfa_thename said:

    now that I seen this I will try the newer version. but do wonder if theres going to be a bot update with less toys & maybe more op tools or even a djing setting .

  11. Bejo1968 said:

    I propose that the parties make animated emoticons camfrog

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