Camfrog Server Updates

photo_55089_20110826Attention room owners/server owners!

There is a critical update for Camfrog Server 5, and Camfrog Server 6 available to download now. Please install this update as soon as possible. This update features many bug fixes, and security and stability enhancements.

Please be aware, due to technical reasons, this is a required server update. If you do not update to this latest version of Camfrog Server within 30 days of this posting, your room may be signed offline, and not be able to come online until you install this important update.

13 thoughts on “Camfrog Server Updates


    Roger that, Frog! I will download and install it right away! Thanks for the info.

  2. kittynuky

    Why is cam frog for mac always the last one to get updated? For months I couldn’t go in certain rooms, now it takes like half hour to even sign in, and can drop out at any minute!!!

  3. Master

    Since this new version i receive errors everytime and after my advanced server shuts down.
    Maybe an idea if we can enter special nicknames into advanced server as well insteed of everytime have to use the operator tool to get names in.
    In 6.2 this is no problem.

  4. ZeMonsta

    I suspect that this update isn’t letting me into a certain room since a few days, i am on a mac and i get denied connection to the room with the message telling me to update my camfrog client, there hasn’t been an update since January this year, and so i cannot join the room.
    Furthermore, the current client seems not entirely compatible with Mavericks, as login takes anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes, and it won’t stay online sometimes not even 30 minutes, other times a few hours, really unpredictable.

  5. kittynuky

    thanks, another thing that happens, there is a lag on typing in the room.. it takes 20 seconds or more for my words to actually appear as I’m typing This has nothing to do with my connection or bandwidth, I have fast broadband, and it happens whether i open 1 cam or 20.

  6. cantwait4

    thanks camfrog for fixing things for mac computer there is several bugs and its crash often also

  7. mickeyman

    Great to hear that you are working on a fix for Mac OS X Mavericks users! Hope it will be out soon!
    How about new features for us Mac users? The Mac version is way behind the Windows version…

  8. mickeyman

    Are there any news for us Mac users? There are still problems logging in – and as ZeMonsta says, access to some rooms is blocked and referring to “download the latest version”. I HAVE the latest version, 2.6 build 3235 for Mac.

  9. tdj

    Any update for Maverick users? been sitting for up to 30 min to login. An update would be highly appreciated

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