Thanks for 10 Frogtastic Years!

CFguy_18010 years ago the very first version of Camfrog was released. We sure have come a long way since then, and we could not be more proud.

We are so excited about our 10th birthday, we wanted to do something fun. We made a special edition 10th Anniversary gift that is, of course, worth 10,000 gift points! Because it’s an special edition, we also made the price 10% off! We’re also so excited, and grateful to all of you, that we are going to be giving these away over the next 10 days, to random users that are online. You don’t have to do anything, except come online and use Camfrog – you may just get a cool surprise!

Over the following 10 days, you may find secret coupon codes, to get 1 year of Camfrog Pro for only $10! You can follow us on FacebookTwitter to watch for these secret codes. These are super exclusive codes, and only the first 100 people to use them will get it. After 100 people have used it, the code will expire, so keep on the look out!

To redeem the secret code, start checkout for 1 Year of Camfrog Pro (for yourself, or for a friend) and then enter the secret coupon code in the checkout form

How long have you been on Camfrog?

Check out this screenshot of the first version of Camfrog. Maybe you remember using it.

image001Camfrog sure has changed, and we are extremely grateful to each and every one of you, for helping to make Camfrog the awesome video chat spot that it is. It has been a super fun 10 years, and we are excited to server you the best video chat, for another 10 years!

Thank You

Thank you, from the bottom of our froggy hearts, for 10 Frogmazing years!

38 thoughts on “Thanks for 10 Frogtastic Years!

  1. FrogCF

    Wow Camfrog you been going 10 years excellent work keeping all the services online with excellent support from you like all ways all the best Happy Birthday.


    Happy B’day, Frog!
    Wish you all the best for your 10th Frogniversary.
    Greeting from Indonesia:
    Selamat Ulang Tahun…Dirgahayu!

  3. Can TORUNER

    My Best Programme Ever… I Started Play Camfrog 2003 Till Now Non-Stop.. I Made Many Many Friendship Here.. I Folen Love Many Girls Here.. In This Time I Was Married..2004… In 2010 My Wife Left Me Because Of Camfrog.. But Camfrog Is My Life… I Play Camfrog 24 Hours A Day… Thank You For All Technical And Admin Teams Of CamShare…Best Regatrs…

  4. WaZ

    Happy BirthDay Camfrog …..

    10th Anniversary
    Keep on Camfrog (Y) hope Will be more fun 🙂

  5. Seulawah

    (G) Happy Birthday Camfrog 10th Anniversary (G)
    hopefully more prosperous (Y)

  6. BG

    Woa.. Camfrog 10th Anniversary!

    Wish you all the best Camfrog and Camfroger wherever you are.

  7. Jnets

    HBD Camfrog 10 year. are you good work team
    many people like that and want to play more Frog!

  8. 3f

    Happy Birthday, Frog!
    Wish you all the best for your 10th Frogniversary.
    Greeting from Indonesia:

  9. !C

    Happy B’day, Frog!
    Wish you all the best for your 10th Frogniversary.
    Greeting from Indonesia

  10. !69

    My ID !#*1 and !69, Say: (G) Happy 10th Anniversary Camfrog (G)
    Saya Mengenal Camfrog tahun 2006, Mulai Aktif tahun 2008 😀 😀
    Masih Newbie :O

  11. T365

    Thanks to confor technicians to confor hard work, I thank you on behalf of China, hope camfrog strong go down!!!!!

  12. Bassie

    And what do I get next month then I am also 10 years in the camfrog.
    But Camfrog Happy birthday to and up to the next 10 years.

  13. TRUVA

    camfrog be bigger than the next 10 years, as has the way you so thanks camfrog then develop

  14. LIH

    Happy Birthday camfrog, you have made a great effort in business world and in a love world, many couples met in camfrog world, Good job camfrog.

  15. Issam

    Happy Birthday Camfrog my favorite chat since 2004 and I’d like to thank everyone who has helped in the development of the program and many thanks and respect for their excellent assistance team 🙂 I Love Camfrog <3

  16. crazydog07

    I remember when I join Camfrog on October 1, 2003 by one of my friend referred about this and I am sure how much Camfrog is growing better since 2003. Camfrog will never stop hopping around the servers.

    Look forward for another exciting surprise!

  17. ardades

    happy birthday my lovely camfrog,,happy and sad mixing here in camfrog.thats wish for next is i can upload and share pic at room..thats will be great for us…cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeersss (b) INDONESIA USERS disini

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