Camfrog Distributed Server and Camfrog Hoster Directory

cloud_150Do you want to open your own Camfrog video chatroom, but don’t know where to start, or don’t want to have to deal with dedicated servers? Have no worries! We have made a special directory of Camfrog chatroom hosters.

You can browse through a list of hosting companies, and choose the provider you would like to use. These providers all use our new Distributed server system, which means that you will have full control over your chatroom through a special, secure webpage on You don’t have to download any software at all, you can launch and manage your room all from the website! If you had a great experience with your chosen hoster, you can even leave a star rating, and feedback, to help other users find a quality hoster.

Visit to browse the available room hosters, and start your own chatroom today!

It’s easy. Find a hosting provider in the directory, and visit their website, or contact them using the information in their hoster profile. The hosting provider will give you a special access code, which you will use to launch and manage your room. You don’t need to register a hosting account, if you are just going to open a room on an existing hoster.

When you purchase room hosting from a hosting provider, you will receive a secret activation code. You will use that code to launch your room, and also to manage it. So be sure to keep your activation code secret.

Are you a room hoster?

We are very excited to announce the new Camfrog Distributed Server (CDS) for room hosters. This specialized software allows you to host many chatrooms, across multiple servers. Your customers can have full access to manage their room directly from your hosting page on Not only that, but you can appear in the Hoster Directory.

Camfrog Distributed Server is designed for hosters that run multiple Camfrog rooms. If you are only hosting 1 room, or a small number, Camfrog Server might be better suited for you. CDS is an advanced software package, designed to run across multiple servers.

How does it work?

Once you set CDS up on your servers, and have it working, you can then appear in the hosters directory. Anyone looking to open a Camfrog room ends up here, where they can see your contact information and website. You generate a special activation code for your customer, which allows them to login to your hosting control panel to launch their room on your servers. If you are an advanced server hoster, you can register for your own hosting account. Once you have verified your hoster account, you will have access to download the software packages, as well as other information on how to get started.

14 thoughts on “Camfrog Distributed Server and Camfrog Hoster Directory

  1. nuts

    Camfrog you should have given an option to make reuse of existing server pro license also . Hosting cds means a new investment

    1. Camfrog Server codes are not used in Distributed Server. CDS uses a special licensing pack. Camfrog Server codes are still usable and available for Camfrog Server software.

  2. OTI

    Is there any video tutorial for using this new server. Could might help i guess.. Thanks 🙂

  3. Bryan

    I not understand, how it does work install inside the folder. I need someone make the tutorial for this. aslo I not need pay a month $100 for 10 server room. I need is one room aslo I cannot find demo for that.

    1. Camfrog Distributed Server is designed for hosting providers that host multiple rooms, across many servers. If you are only hosting 1, or a small number of rooms, Camfrog Server may be better suited for your needs.

  4. FrogCore

    So… am i getting this right you want us to pay $100 a month for 10 rooms + all our server costs and still make money in there somewhere?

    Am i getting something mixed up as the info you have given is not very clear at all

  5. FrogCore

    I would also like to add that from what i can see all people that have already got there own pro code can not use this service so no hoster can only offer CDS rooms

  6. Master

    Camfrog should provide more information for hosters into their website what this is al about insteed of just launching a new software. Probably many hosters dont even knows the meaning or working of it.

  7. nuts


    Does Camfrog Distributed Server support Camfrog Web Extension also and is the licensing included in the CDS pricing

  8. Zoomshorts

    We were talking in a room the other day and someone had an idea I thought I’d pass along. One user wanted to know if there was a was to put wallpaper or cam effects onto the background of the room text box. It was in a music room and they thought a background pattern that pulsated to the beat would be really cool.

    Is this something that could be done? I think it might be as cool as emoticons.

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