New: Camfrog PRO for iPad

Camfrog Video Chat for iOSWe are super excited to announce our new iPad app:

Camfrog PRO for iPad!

With Camfrog Pro, you can now see everything that goes on in your favorite chatrooms, with multiple video windows! Not only will you be able to see all your friends, with live, super-fast video, you’ll also have your nickname show up as bold pro user to everyone else in the room!

Camfrog Pro for iPad also supports our new streaming technology, so you can have even faster, better quality video.

We have been working hard to bring this out, and we just know you’re going to love it as much as we do. It makes videochatting on your iPad even more fun than before!

Visit the App Store to get going today with Camfrog PRO for iPad!


9 thoughts on “New: Camfrog PRO for iPad

  1. crazydog07

    PAH!! Camfrog continues growing the company to more powerful. Compare in 2003 with first released of the software and now it’s major change and improved technology. This is make me feel old and never giving up with Camfrog! You’re rock the technology!

  2. zoomshorts

    What would really be nice, is if Room Owners can automatically REJECT iPhone, iPad and Android users from their rooms. They cannot stay with their faces on camera and a face cam can turn into a Item 6 TOS violation in an instant.

  3. stabbincabbin

    there are bot plugins for the option to kick paused black user cams.

  4. kittynuky

    Any updates on camfrog for Macbook updates? I can’t go into certain rooms anymore!!!!!

    1. hi kittynuky,

      We’re currently working on adding support for Macs, so you can join rooms that utilize our new streaming technology.

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