Camfrog Distributed ServerDo you host Camfrog chatrooms? Are you interested in our new Camfrog Distributed Server? (You may have seen our announcement previously on the blog)

We are getting ready to launch this powerful new server software, and we want to hear your feedback on it! If you would like to be entered into the beta test group for Camfrog Distributed Server, please fill out this form to enter.

Please be aware, that entering your information will not guarantee your acceptance into the beta test group. This test is to get room hoster’s feedback on our new distributed server system. Information entered will not be used for any other purpose.

Update 2013/07/10 0930 (CDT) : We have received a lot of responses. Thanks everyone! We will now sort through, and select a beta group. If you are chosen for the test group, you will be contacted later today with more information. Thanks again!

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  1. Magnar said:

    Will it be possible to play two or more streams on top of each others in any editon ?

    Excellent for music rooms. People wanting to play music instruments, sing ++ together with each other online in the chat rooms.

  2. I like this website so much…xo

  3. Niles B Feldberg said:

    Have 3 server and been running for the last 3 years and educated as a IT developer in c# i like to be part of the beta team.

  4. In wait for the next application update Camfrog (Y)

  5. rafael said:


  6. i miss cloud server, and still waiting distributed powerfull server to try it.. πŸ˜€

  7. Looking forward to new technologies from Camfrog.

  8. i love cloud server.. Please online again πŸ˜€ … and i still waiting

  9. AddictedHosting said:


    i was just about to click to join but see you are full now.

  10. i wait cloud server update.

  11. being one of the busiest and also being attacked quite often (fight night) i would love to try this out (if its for linux)with some good iptables filtering and give feedback/help,i can’t wait for this to be released for us all to use,thanks camfrog

  12. Pravit Chomsrijam said:

    We love cloud server for online agian, for small users with small price. Everyone love for own room for a small group with closely friends.

  13. Saurav said:

    well i am hosting own rooms from last 6 months. Camfrog must had sent emails to all hosters about beta test.


    room : Have_Fun

  14. Hello, everyone, thank camfrog for this software and the best solution that has ever done camfrog against ddos attack.

  15. Cloudcom said:

    How can we test your server with our DDoS Protection, intended specifically for online chat and video, im software technologies?
    Cloudcom offer Camfrog Room and Server Hosting and DDoS Protection. Our datacenter is located in Europe.
    Cloudcom offer the exceptional quality hosting services in europe, so we would love to find out if we can test your new Distributed Server on out platform.
    Please contact us with your server test release.

  16. NAGABRAHMAN said:

    It’s absolutely worth to try! Keep progressing, Frog!

  17. we waiting new cloud online


    We tried and clicked an above link “this form to enter” and error message says:

    The form “Camfrog Distributed Server Beta Test Signup” is no longer accepting responses.
    Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake

    What do u think?


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