Camfrog Logon Difficulties?


Howdy Froggers! We’re currently working with our upstream providers and datacenter engineers to resolve the logon issue some users have been experiencing for the last few days. Hang tight, and we’ll be back up shortly!

[update] This issue is resolved for the time being. We are still working with our network providers to ensure this does not happen further. In the meantime, if you are still having difficulties logging in to Camfrog, please make sure you have the latest update, which you can Download Here

16 thoughts on “Camfrog Logon Difficulties?

  1. biscom

    If I knew this would be better to stop playing that your service is excellent.


    I appreciate with your effort! “No Machine is Perfect”. Keep progressing and don’t forget to make a cup of coffee during this hectic hours! 🙂

  3. NotImportant

    Seriously? Its about time. Here you are getting people to pay for a service that you yourself can not even run properly. This is total with your lack of communication as to what is going on. Your company ethics are disturbing to me, and I feel that you are ripping people off for a service you can not even run nor make any better for our experience. The Camfrog gifts is a total idea and has nothing to even do with what Camfrog is supposedly about. How about you spend the money you make off of us in better ways and get your right…

  4. CHeeco

    Howdy camfrog. Yeah this log in thing is getting on my damn nerves. Im trying to promote you guys here in South Africa. Camfrog is the best baby. Thanks for being busy to solve the logging prob. its getting frustrating. Keep well and as the user in this thread said, dont forget about the coffee bru.

  5. Customer

    There was a logon problem on the last few WEEKS not only the last few DAYS! Whats the point to following you on twitter facebook or on your blog if you don’t give us any info or answers.
    After two weeks logon problem your “enginering team” gave us a funny picture instead of fixing the problem.
    One month pro was very expensive ($6.95) and I get just an annoying logon problem instead of fun.

  6. SnIpEr`

    I hope your still working on this problem as my rooms have all started getting booted offline again and will not sign back online.
    At this rate i think you should start offering people some sort of compensation for all the down time you are having

  7. founder onlinehlprs

    round the clock? mmm ok we been with cf few years now and in that time many probs! we will give it few more weeks and if still the same all rooms we rent etc will close! we here to help for free because we care about ppls well being! please cf lets get it sorted!

  8. MidEvilll

    why are you not telling people that run camfrog servers that there is an exploit. you know this is happening as ur camfrog system is Temp banning servers. they attack the server the camfrog server software starts flooding camfrogs system, the system automatically banns the ip of the server from an hour to up to 36 hours . lucky i have 4 servers as ive had to move my room to different server when they attack it as u guy ban the ip. this is like telling someone they have no sound when they do . nasty. and your help-desk lies.they told my friend who is also my hoster showed me ur email and it said some of my ip’s were banned . we checked they were not. so what help is that. fix your software ,and tell people what the f is going on FOR REALL. “i don’t expect this to be posted “

  9. stiemo

    Yes, thanks for fix the problem. and dont forget to check my costum gift there 😀 hahahaha

  10. breukink

    i cant log in too many chines room…why?? i’m a pro user…thx for the assistance

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