Earn Free Camfrog Coins With Custom Gifts

Untitled-1We regularly have people sending us great ideas for gifts, and even sending us artwork they have made themselves, asking us to upload it into the Camfrog Virtual Gifts Catalog. Well, we are excited to announce the new Gift Studio, where you can upload your own artwork/images, and it will appear in the gifts catalog.

As a bonus, each time your custom gift is sent, you will earn back bonus Camfrog coins!

Here are a few tips and guidelines to uploading a custom virtual gift:

  • Use your own artwork. If you upload something that doesn’t belong to you, it will be rejected.
  • Make sure you are uploading a 100×100 pixel .jpg – If your image is larger than 100×100 it will not upload
  • Make your gift light, and fun! (Check out our existing catalog for ideas!)

18 thoughts on “Earn Free Camfrog Coins With Custom Gifts

  1. 1LCo

    I have successfully uploaded image. I figure I have to wait and see when It also does not appear.

  2. K0J0M

    Hello Frog
    I just wanted to convey suggestions camfrog might be more crowded and more interesting when drawing emoticons in multiply as time series using camfrog 5.5 years ago (y)(y) thx


    Hey ,

    Camfrog there is no progress on development of MAC version of Camfrog and Camfrog Web extension for MAC and private IM’S

    Its been almost a year i cant join the Camfrog Main room Camfrog World.

    Would appreciate if you can have this supported for mac too
    Also to add the CWE can be made in such a way that the rooms created by CWE are not visible to normal users and are known only by the creators which will reduce the attack on such rooms


    The way we users can change our status to offline , The Camfrog Server rooms should also have the option and can have a list to maintain the list of users to whom only it will be visible even in Invisible/offline mode.

    This will help us from keeping the attackers away by checking the IP and port of the connected server using netstat command. This will bring us far ahead and clean camfrog and attacker will not be able to attack

  5. Showid

    Why are the IM’s not working and looping back to the sender itself. Kind of going crazy ….

    1. Showid – Thanks for reporting this. Our dev team is working right now to fix this bug, and should have this resolved shortly. Hang in there for a few more hours πŸ˜‰

  6. Broken Heart

    Thanks Camfrog for this great idea to earn coins for virtual gifts! I would suggest if it could be possible to purchase also Camfrog Pro Code using this Camfrog Coins. I hope so.

    Also, I would like to show my appreciation to Camfrog for updating the iOS App Camfrog Video Chat for iPhone, thus has been opmitized for iPhone 5. Keep it up guys! πŸ™‚

  7. Ben Bradley

    Three different times i have uploaded three different pieces of artwork I created myself, and all three times my ORIGINAL gift artwork was rejected due to: NOT ORIGINAL ART. What gives??? There is no possible way my art could be confused with existing art because I CREATED IT??? Please advise. Thank you camfrog. Been with ya since the beginning!

    Ben (hockjok7)

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