Note: Sale ended on 2012/05/12

We’ve also made Camfrog Pro much easier to use. Now, when you subscribe to Camfrog Pro, the nickname you signed up with (the nick you are logged into with) will be activated with Camfrog Pro automatically.

If you would like to send Camfrog Pro to a friend, or another user, you can do that on our Give The Gift of Camfrog Pro page

Hurry though, this 2 years for the price of 1 offer won’t last much longer, so lock in 2 years at half price today!

Comments on: "2 Years of Camfrog Pro for the Price of 1!" (12)

  1. cam frog pro gratis

  2. cam frog pro
    good program

  3. Zoomshorts said:

    This release fixed a problem I had with some cameras bring inverted in various rooms.

  4. BUNCHA said:

    how much is it? 2 Years of Camfrog Pro for the Price

  5. Bebek said:

    This is a good chance for everyone.Its like a Buy-1-take 1 promo that will surely benefits users.NIce Frog.Keep up the good work!

  6. But My question is >>>> the 2 year camfrog pro code only for 1 nick that use to buy camfrog pro or all nicks u have i am confused about that can anyone help me…. 2 years camfrog for only 1 id or all????

  7. heshang said:

    Discount days

  8. NAGABRAHMAN said:

    @buncha: The price is still the same: $49,95 for the 2 years of Camfrog Pro, but you have to order the pro by signing in your nickname on the camfrog site, “”. It’s not possible to send the 2 years of Camfrog Pro to your friends, unless you signing in their nicknames to order the pro. FYI, now, Camfrog Pro system is different to previous one: it attaches to a nickname only: 1 pro 1 nickname. So, if you lost your nickname, say good bye to your pro as well. 🙂

  9. nice idea, Congrat Frog


    PROS: Amazing!!! we do not need to storage the pro code, add it to the nicky automatically and no one steal.

    CON: It is one for each nicky only. Not for multi-nicky and expensive.

  11. Bebek said:

    Yes! and Bro.NAGABRAHMAN is right.It is a new system in securing procodes for Camfrog Client.The signed in ID/Nickname while buying procode will automatically activated the procodes in that Nick.So no need to worry keeping your procodes copy somewhere else.And no need to worry logging in your activated Nick from desktop to mobile or in short from different system.Your nick/id will always be wearing its procode.Just take good care of your Nicks,coz its more valuable this time coz it has a dedicated procode for a certain period of time:D

  12. BrokenHeart said:

    It was an advantage to buy Pro Code good for 2 years with 1 Nickname 1 Pro Code policy. Unfortunately it suffers for users with many nicknames used in Camfrog.

    I would like also glad if Camfrog Video Chat for iPhone will be updated, thus making this app to be optimized for iPhone 5. Some users, just like me used iPhone 5, although it works and sometimes it crashes due to the screen problem which has something to be improve and optimized for wider screen. Thanks!

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