Camfrog Distributed Server – Coming Soon!

cloud_150Over the last several months, our development teams have been working on building a distributed room hosting solution, the Camfrog Distributed Server. We’re excited to announce that we are opening this software up to any room hosts who are looking for a scalable, distributed room hosting package.


Camfrog has always been about self-hosted rooms, and to continue on with this tradition, we have decided to discontinue our own room hosting service and enable all room owners to use our cloud technology with any hosting service.  If you have an active purchased Camfrog Cloud server, please contact our support team and they will be glad to assist you with a refund.


Camfrog Distributed Server for Hosters will be available soon. Some of the features of having your own Cloud service, are:


· Scalable distributed hosting Distribute your Camfrog rooms across multiple servers, for even more reliability and capacity

· Exclusive TCP media streaming Take advantage of our new audio/video streaming technology, that uses a newly modified video system. The result? Faster, higher quality video, with significantly less lag, or pixelation.

· Web based startup and control Camfrog Cloud Server exists entirely “in the cloud.” Users do not need to download or install any server, or console software on their computer to open up, or manage their chatroom, instead they simply use our new, secure, web control panel!

· Visibility in website As a Cloud Service provider, your company and website will be listed in the hosters directory on, a special page where users looking to open a room in a cloud will be able to view available hosting providers in their geographic region.

· Support up to 10,000 users in 1 room Because Cloud server is distributed, you can have a room with up to 10,000 users!

Be sure to keep following our blog for more announcements and updates about the features and availability of Camfrog Cloud Server.

22 thoughts on “Camfrog Distributed Server – Coming Soon!

  1. NoDrAmaUk

    Sounds like a large task with many hours of work from the camfrog team, our question, as well as many other Hosters no doubt will be.

    1) Floods (Cam/Audio Attack)
    2) Costs (Affordable as the Hosting market has been squeezed by so many bad Hosters and offering poor service or attacking others)
    3) Old Server Codes (What happens to alll these)
    4) Customer Support (24/7 Cloud Support for Hosters only)
    5) Genuine Hosters (respected Hosters who offer safe/respected rooms without flooding others) Who have been Hosting for years
    6) Camfrog Official Hosters (on camfrog sit) going through strict control measures to keep the good and respected Camfrog Name (We are not concerned about this as we are fully registered in the UK and will fully support this)
    7) Users that break TOS stay banned to protect the good User / Hosters on Camfrog who have used the program for many years.

    Anymore question/issues we will let you know.

    Keep up the good work and we look forward to updates when available.

  2. Pizzaboy5

    I am a hoster for Cf I have 26 rooms with 28 server po codes. Are you saying now anyone can open rooms without the server pro codes? if so do we get a refund back on our server pro codes?

    Thanks John SAsso


    will i for one not happy we need your camfrog room,s back on line for 10 years we had camfrog room,s

  4. RogerServer

    I think it is not a good idea distributed to everyone…
    Why not create a list of approved hoster, as do EA game or other…

    Bye, Good Job.

  5. TRaKYaLiWeBMaSTeR

    I look forward to at the end of the attack due to the system engineer in datacenter leasweb have a friend, but only I can not get the external server is going to be better and more secure cloud

  6. haggis_trainer

    hope new client is gonna firewall capabilities and user IP masking to lessen users being hacked.

  7. Pravit

    Camfrog Cloud Server serial number for 10-20 users please! We love a small room for a few close friends. Thank you!


    yes thats sound good to me if u can do server code like u do with chat code pay some think like 5 usa a month for a code for 20 use,s in a room with upgrade options to have more user,s as u see fit

  9. winii

    So all i understand here is the core camfrog cloud software which was earlier only available to camfrog is now being made public.
    This software can be installed on multiple physical nodes and using the existing pro we can create rooms which will be scalable across all the nodes i.e each room across nodes ?
    will users be connected to the physical sever in a round robin fashion ?
    Please give us more details about this and also let us know wat happens to the existing pro codes


    Sounds promising! But, we have to see the progress of this new approach and all feedback must be heard in near future for better development in our Camfrog. Well Done, Frog!

  11. winii

    Hey camfrog make sure to add support on linux boxes too .. This approach of hosting can fight DDOs to some extent

  12. DJ__NuMBeR__OnE

    What about our purchased active Camfrog Server Pro Codes?
    Do you think a refund of the amount paid or compensate one way or another?
    These pro codes was for lifetime use!

    Admin: Camfrog Server codes will not change. This is only for Camfrog Cloud

  13. delphi90

    hello team..

    please allow me to use camfrog 6.0 because that the only version work for me 100 % without problem.

    all the new version have problem of disconecting when someone sees me. thiss is so anoyying and irritating.

    we only want a working version, light and can be used version. All other feature really should an option only.

    i am really pissed with you team…it’s about 3 months i have disconecting problem.

  14. Broken Heart

    A good service must be achieve above all of this matter. Another thing im waiting for was updates for Camfrog Video Chat for iPhone, to be optimized for iPhone 5. The said present iOS App works only for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Additional updates for In-App Purchases and works for iOS 6.0+ being the lastest system by Apple.

  15. OTI

    Good job Camfrog,

    Just waiting for release day.. Hopefully the prices are reasonable for all small distributors and together making Camfrog the most best chat apps in the world…

    #LuvCamfrog 🙂

  16. Jenkins Watson

    the qualities and features of Camfrog cloud server are looking amazing. I am waiting for its launch. I would love to try this cloud server. thanks for sharing this new cloud service. hoping for the best for camfrog.

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