photo_55089_20110826It’s that time again! We just released an update to Camfrog for Windows. This version fixes a few bugs that have been reported, and also includes support for our new enhanced Audio/Video streaming system.

You can download this update for free from our download page.

Comments on: "Update: Camfrog 6.4.257 Now Available" (11)

  1. I just bought a blue star which shows on my profile but the icon next to my name is Yellow. i paid good money for my blue star. WHERE IS IT?????? This is ridiculous and I should be given extra days on my 90 days to make up for it.

  2. PersonalPower said:

    Thank you, for continuing to grow and develop the program and software. I have installed this latest version 6.4 (build 257) I am hoping it helps with some bug disconnect problems.

    Previously, using Windows 6.4 (build 253) upon closing certain random webcams moderating my CF Client will crash. Also, upon hearing an iPod user on the microphone a random occurrence of a sound like a needle dragged across a record and then again shortly after or upon X out of room to change rooms was crashing my client. Additional crash was occurring when seeing a webcam with green streaks across it close the users cam and sometimes caused a crash.

    In the cloud server rooms.. thank you for getting them up and running. I’ve noticed a bug. Sorting feature on Pro is not applied. I can reapply sorting of webcams in room but if I leave exit and enter again sorting desired is lost.

    Keep hopping Camfrog.

  3. Greeneyedguy said:

    When will the same update for MAC-users come?
    Latest MAC-version wont let me use the mainrooms i payed for….

  4. Can I update camfrog

  5. NAGABRAHMAN said:

    This newest version is still “heavy” for my AMD Turion 64, 2,2Ghz, 2GB RAM. It consumes till 70% of CPU usage. I go back to 6.3.223 😦

  6. Blue_xx said:

    Hi wonder when we can keep the camfrog rooms for more than a couple of hours and get back to normal . Its not the same with out them 😦

  7. Why are more and more Thai rooms blocked,unable to open????

  8. @NAGABRAHMAN hahahahaha. me too. still (heavy) for my notebook. when loading list friend is very heavy. and sometimes on the list all ID is offline

  9. when camfrog for android can use character ID like iphone 😥

  10. PersonalPower said:

    “..Sorting feature on Pro is not applied. I can reapply sorting of webcams in room but if I leave exit and enter again sorting desired is lost.”

    You must remove check mark of “Gifted on top” or your chosen sorting option will change each time you reenter a room to reflect most virtual gifted names on top.

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