We’ve been working to improve the Camfrog website, and part of these improvements include our website Translation Project

Did you know, that we’ve been working on translating Camfrog’s website into different languages? We want the Camfrog experience to be as easy as it can be, and this includes letting people use Camfrog in their own native language.

Do you speak a language other than English? Would you like to help out with our Camfrog Website Translation project? It’s really simple, just visit translate.camfrog.com/website and sign in using your Camfrog nick, and you can start translating right away!

We even offer special gifts as a thanks for translation help.

So far, we have translations in Thai, Italian, Russian, and Indonesian. We’re looking to translate Camfrog into… All the languages!

Comments on: "Camfrog.com Translation Project Update" (5)

  1. delphi90 said:

    hello team,

    I don’t want to use camfrog version 6.4! It’s heavy and bugg. My computer freezed. The only working for me is 6.3.

  2. NAGABRAHMAN said:

    Hellyeahh… nice project! Localizing Camfrog into native languages…. Come and join, froggers!!

  3. nice, but I like website in universal language. english :))
    camfrog need a lot of translator (H)

  4. i will be alone

  5. 6.4 whoaaaa… Difficult to login

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