Camfrog Server Bugfix Update

Hey there room owners!

We’ve been watching your feedback, and with your help, we’ve found a few critical bugs that could cause your room to freeze, or go offline/disconnect from Camfrog’s central servers.

We just published a bugfix update. You can download it for free from our Server Download Page

As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback. 🙂


Hop hop!

Note: Camfrog Cloud server is NOT affected by this. Only Windows and Linux servers (regular and advanced)

Now enjoy a dramatic recreation of how our development team caught that bug:

8 thoughts on “Camfrog Server Bugfix Update

  1. Mike


    there is still a bug in the windows version of the server program. links from the feedburner still not being showed as a link. neither links you put in the topic of a room. when you do !news you get the articles but no link to click !! please fix this !!

    another bug i found is that when you try to request a partital part of an oplist … even just a room with 50 users it doesnt show anything

    when i do /oplist list operator m the list shows empty even it has a load of operators starting with m. please fix !!

    and something else i found since the last few versions.. when you on the server in the console go to the oplist … in the past you could search by typing the first character of a name… but that doesnt work anymore. so now when you have oplist with 3000 users and u want to go to the W u need to scroll down the whole part… you can not simply type the W anymore… it would be nice if this was fixed too again !!

    we talking about windows version… running on windows server 2008 r2 x64 with last updates installed.

    thanks !!


    Fantastic!! Finally you found them. Thanks for the update, Frog. I will upgrade my CFAS5 with that version right away.

  3. Craig

    There is a problem with linux version. When adding a room for the first time it will not update the oplist from camfrog and people cannot enter the room. You need to copy a latest version of the oplist from another server first. Also are others experiencing twitching cams on the latest linux version it seems after a while of viewing the cams can stutter.

  4. delphi90

    hello team,

    i am an ordinary user. i can’t login anymore with camfrog 6.4 the latest one because my computer will be freeze. before this i used 6.0 because that version is very light but yesterday i have to updated it after it stated that i have to update because the 6.0 is not supported anymore. Even after i used the 6.4 build 250 (not the latest) i can’t login but i can login if i used diffrent id which have much lesser contact.

    We don’t want new heavy camfrog and not working. Please keep it simple. or allow the version 6.0 so i can use it happily.

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