Camfrog Cloud Outage

Unfortunately we are currently experiencing an outage across part of our services.

Right now, this outage is limited to only Camfrog Cloud Server. Our engineering teams have been working hard to restore this as soon as possible.

If you have a room hosted in Camfrog Cloud, we will automatically extend your subscription by a week, to make up for this issue we are currently experiencing.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to Contact us

As always, we greatly appreciate your patience, and your continued support in making Camfrog the best place to videochat. Translation Project Update

We’ve been working to improve the Camfrog website, and part of these improvements include our website Translation Project

Did you know, that we’ve been working on translating Camfrog’s website into different languages? We want the Camfrog experience to be as easy as it can be, and this includes letting people use Camfrog in their own native language.

Do you speak a language other than English? Would you like to help out with our Camfrog Website Translation project? It’s really simple, just visit and sign in using your Camfrog nick, and you can start translating right away!

We even offer special gifts as a thanks for translation help.

So far, we have translations in Thai, Italian, Russian, and Indonesian. We’re looking to translate Camfrog into… All the languages!

Camfrog Server Bugfix Update

Hey there room owners!

We’ve been watching your feedback, and with your help, we’ve found a few critical bugs that could cause your room to freeze, or go offline/disconnect from Camfrog’s central servers.

We just published a bugfix update. You can download it for free from our Server Download Page

As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback. 🙂

Hop hop!

Note: Camfrog Cloud server is NOT affected by this. Only Windows and Linux servers (regular and advanced)

Now enjoy a dramatic recreation of how our development team caught that bug:

Camfrog Security Tips

We have noticed a lot of people contacting our support team with questions or issues that are security related, and so wanted to just pass on a few security tips to help keep you safe.

1: Be extra cautious of phishing sites. Never enter your Camfrog account password in a website that is NOT – If you are ever suspicious of whether or not a website is genuine, you can Contact our support staff.

When clicking on a link in Camfrog you will see a URL Redirect page. If you see this page, that means the website you are going to is NOT a Camfrog website, and you should not enter your Camfrog account information there.

2: You should never share your Camfrog Pro activation code with another user. If more than one user logs in with your code, it will be deactivated, and we may not be able to provide a replacement, so be sure to keep it super secret.

3: Be careful when receiving files over IM. Sometimes people will try to send a virus or trojan disguised as a real file. Always use a virus/malware scanner to check any files before opening them. If a friend is sending a file, talk to them first to make sure it’s really them sending it.

4: Read more safety and security tips on our website:

If you come across an abusive user, you can find out more information on how to report that at our Abuse and Safety Center Page