New Update to Camfrog Server

Howdy Froggers!

We just released a new update to Camfrog Server and Camfrog Advanced Server!

This update includes several bug fixes, and stability enhancements based on reports from all of you. We also updated this for full Camfrog Coins support. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Server owners must update!

If your room is offline and can’t sign on, you should download the latest version of Camfrog Server to keep your room online.

Update your Camfrog Server Today!

18 thoughts on “New Update to Camfrog Server

  1. Scooby Networks

    Dear Camfrog

    Thank You fixing all these keep update in email

    Thank You Scooby Networks Suppot Team

  2. Kane

    Dear Admins.

    On the update when setting up remote access.
    you add the url and roomname and password..

    if your room is listed under Remote Rooms.
    select that and then click profile,

    under neath shows
    Serial Number :

    in your previous version of camfrog server advanced, this wasn’t there.

    also for the advanced server please could you add a Log out of cpanel for the web interface.



    Woow…..I am very glad to know it! I have been waiting for this update so long. Thanks Frog… Keep Progressing.

  4. FrogCore

    I’m sorry but what is it you have done ?

    i can’t seen any improvements done with 5.0 its the same as it was before and none of the stuff we want has been changed.

    As we have all ways said with 5.0 is the serial number is shown that needs to be removed and the massive problem for me is when you are adding an owner or banning a name or changing any settings if a user joins the room between you clicking add and apply the settings would all be removed.

    this is a massive problem with big rooms you try removing a user from op list while users and joining or leaving every 300ms LOL

    Will this be something you will very soon be fixing ?

  5. Napi

    I found the issue on a remote web
    when the room I was online, and I log in with web panel, I always enter the wrong password and username, whereas I have entered the correct username and password the same configuration as the cf_room.conf

    thank you

  6. One of the two issues that were affecting my bots has been fixed. /whowatching and /whois is now working.

    However, I still can’t send multi-lined messages:

    timmyg: /msg timmyg test

    Private message from timmyg: “testtesttest”
    Private message to TIMMYG: “testtesttest”

    This impacts bot programming, since things like high scores use newlines to report the score.

    Is there some other way to send newlines in messages?


    I am fully in line with FrogCore above. I think everyone with CFS 5 faces the problem as well: Room(s) seemed “moving” on the server. Even people with fastest mouse clicking technique in this globe (LOL) can’t ban/kick/give or remove colors/change password/set MOTD on the server when a room logged with hundreds of users in. 🙂


    One more problem! The newest Camfrog Advanced Server is still unable to sign on a room with special character(s). It is said: “Unacceptable Character…”. You may check this from your end, Frog.

  9. Kane

    Not just that.

    Camfrog Video Chat Room Server Windows And Linux has more features than Camfrog Advanced Server 5.0.323..

    Camfrog Advanced Server should be the one with more features than the standard camfrog server client.

    Camfrog Advanced Server needs:
    -System message localization support.
    – Auto recovery of video and audio streams.
    – Server accessibility from Internet checker.
    – Enable web users to join your room from the website using Camfrog Video Chat Web Client.
    – The top 5 most gifted users now get special icons.
    – Set to have the room push to talk or handsfree, or allow a certain amount of users to be on the mic at the same time. 2-12 users at once, whole room being heard, or just one person on the mic at a time.
    – Option of removing (Pop) text.

    Camfrog Advanced Server, should have had all of these features and kept up to date regularly, rather than being abandoned and nothing being done to it.

    i don’t know what the rest of the camfrog community may think.

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