Camfrog CoinsSome of you have already noticed something new on our website. Today, we launched a new, easier way to purchase virtual gifts: Camfrog Coins

Camfrog Coins are a virtual currency, that you can use to instantly send a vgift to a friend, a stranger, or your favorite room. When you purchase Camfrog Coins pack, your profile is updated automatically to show your current coins at the top of the page:

How many Coins do you have?When you send a gift using Camfrog Coins, your available coins balance is automatically updated, when the gift is instantly delivered. No more waiting on payment or processing delays. Send multiple gifts quickly and easily!

Speaking of gifts. You may have also noticed, that we have changed the gift achievement levels as well!

What are the new points tiers? We have updated our Gifts Catalog, and adjusted how many gift points each gift is worth, as well as updated the achievement tiers, adding two new crown levels!

Also added to your profile homepage, is a new gift status center, which shows you your current achievement level, how many coins you have, and how many points to unlock the next achievement level, as well as some other cool information

My Gifts and Points InformationWe’re pretty excited about this new gifting system, and as always, we welcome your feedback and ideas to make it even better!

Keep hopping Froggers!

Update: A lot of people have been asking about the new points tiers, or saying gifts do not appear in the Camfrog Software. Please be sure to check out our About Gifts page to see the full updated tiers. Yellow star is now 1000 points, instead of 10 – So to have the yellow star appear inside the software, you need at least 1000 points.

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  1. Purchase a new Camfrog camfrog Coins! a new super multi-Frog Gifts beautiful 🙂

  2. Coins balance have expired time ?

  3. Good Job development team !! 🙂

  4. NAGABRAHMAN said:

    Wow… new gifting system! It looked nice, Frog. Ppl would then be easily bypassing payment or processing delays which occurred so often and made them upset.

  5. How long the process of purchasing coins
    I had no order 500 coins and 1500 coins
    after viewed in profile is still empty try refresh refresh my 300 again appeared lost again become empty

  6. Any promotion price for new feature?

  7. Coins balance can send to another nick ? or just can be use for redeem vgifts ?

  8. NAGABRAHMAN said:

    Frog, you said “Speaking of gifts. You may have also noticed, that we have changed the gift achievement levels as well!…”, but now we all see that 10, 30, 60, and 90 points are still exist in friend list and also in nickname list in room. Is this going to be conversed into the new points level? For instance, a user with 10 points will be changed his/her points to 100 points?

  9. very very very nice

  10. Dear Camfrog staff,
    I think this Send Gift With Coins Fast but, No True About Point 🙂 Beacus I Alone already try Send Gift to ID friend but, Gift Point no Up, Just On profile ID only have icons Gift, So What Problem again !!!!

  11. Nice Sistem …… ALL can send not use CC lol 😉

  12. Purchase a new Camfrog camfrog Coins! a new super multi-Frog Gifts beautiful

  13. 1000 coints for 40$ and get yellow star and nick 1K points 🙂 nice (Y) and not everyone can have a (Y) very nice and good job

  14. Points to Next Level:1000 to (*)

    mean we must get 1000 point and id get yellow Star ??
    last 10 piont to get yellow star and now gift for yellow star 100point …

    Gift: Yellow Diamond
    Price: 1000 Camfrog Coins
    Points: 1000

    we must buy gift yellow diamond to get yellow star ??

  15. camfrog very nice, but it is unfortunate because every time I want to buy a product in camfrog always can not use my paypal account, but I always use my paypal account to shop in the Android Store and ebay. My paypal is always rejected, I do not like to shop through other sellers, because I’d rather directly to the official website

    correct way easy payment, and not complicate the payment. because my paypal legal

  16. NoDrAmaUk said:

    I like this idea, easier to understand.

    Good work and nice layout.

    Congrats Camfrog Team

    nodramauk team

  17. Well done… ty teams (Y)


    Very cool!!!!

  19. 100 coins get 100 points but i got only 6 points! LMAO! 😀

  20. NAGABRAHMAN said:


    I agree with the coin system, but I am sorry to say that your new gifting system is ultra expensive. You will lost your customers if you still keep this system.

    Let me figure it out more detail and clearly :

    $5 = 100 coins = 100 points (“beer” or “wine”). Yellow star = 1000 points
    So users HAVE TO purchase 10 x 100 coins (or $50) to reach the yellow star. [Or, $50 = 1500 coins if they purchase directly]. In previous system, users would get yellow diamonds with $50, but now they got only yellow star!!

    $250 = 10.000 coins = 10.000 points (flame). Flame level = 200.000 points . So, users HAVE TO spend $5000 to reach the level. In previous system, users just spent $500 for that level!!

    Are you sure with this system? I believe your are not!

  21. DIZZY_DUCKS said:

    I pay 100 coins and receved only 5 points !!! :O:O:O ¿ what is this !!! ?

  22. What Point Gift 😦 Problems

  23. ☆ A Gift White Star or transparency star for 25-999 point, it’s a good idea? Can it be? A gift or point extend to 6 months , it’s will be great!

  24. Why I Buy coins total 500 coins 2 times why it is 0 coins., It is 1000 coins to be correct.

  25. ok show 1000 coins thank you

  26. i buy 100 coins and i send two gift 50 points 50 points so i cant see any star on nick wats wrong ?

  27. Can u explain about Gift points.
    What a different Gift point on Gift Catalog With levels ?
    @Gift Catalog u can get yellow diamond with 1k points
    @Levels only yellow star for 1k points

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