Happy Halloween!

A pair of rascally frogs dressed as a Witch and a Vampire came Trick-or-Treating early and played a trick on us. They put a spell on our website to make Halloween virtual gifts x3 points! I can’t believe my eyes!

Quick! Get an HD Frog Vampire or Witch, Black Raven, or a Scary Grave that is worth a whopping 225 points!
Get a scare with a Jack-O-Lantern, a Scary Ghost, or a treat with some Halloween Candy – all worth 90 points!

Get one of these x3 Point treats quick though, because the sands of time will make this mischievous spell end on the night of Halloween (October 31st)

Edit 10/31 8:23PM :
Some users have reported un-delivered vgifts. We apologize for this delay. These will be delivered with x3 points shortly. Thanks all for your support!

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  1. happy halloween camfrog..

    Go..go..go camfrog

  2. spookieeeee

  3. VG please

  4. SPQR_60_POSTA said:


  5. nice X3 Camfrog Gifts Iam Happy So much

  6. camfrog is the best

  7. Happy Hellowen Camfrog …. Nice Trick or Treat!!

  8. Free Vg please 😛

  9. go go go camfrog

  10. Happy Halloween Camfrog

  11. makintot said:

    happy halloween camfrog..

  12. PANTRO2130 said:

    happy halloween camfrog users . have fun

  13. happy holloween an nice x3 gifts if i accept it 😀 camfrog is best

  14. money_in_thebank said:

    Happy Halloween!

  15. so nice 3x vg gifts keep it up froggers .. wish u best of luck

  16. happy holloween :)))))

  17. Happy Halloween !! and nice promo x3 !! camfrog its the best (Y)(Y)

  18. D00RPRIZE said:

    happy hallowen camfrog

  19. R0EBYCHARLES said:


    (K)(k)happy halloween camfrog.(k)(k)

  20. nice offer, but i have no money 😦

  21. (NXG_ OPS CAMFROG ASIA) i have HG:)>>happy halloween camfrog.(c)

  22. (NXG_ OPS CAMFROG ASIA) i have vG:)>>happy halloween camfrog.(c)

  23. (NXG_ OPS CAMFROG ASIA) i have HG:)>>happy halloween camfroghappy halloween camfroghappy halloween camfroghappy halloween camfroghappy halloween camfroghappy halloween camfroghappy halloween camfrog


  24. NAGABRAHMAN said:

    Wow…what a revolutionary promo!! You never launch the “3x” and only this time it comes up. VG lovers are very enthusiast to add their points. I hear their shout of craving here in Indonesia. You should expand the promo day till November 3rd or 5th. 🙂

  25. Wow nice camfrog,…..!
    Happy Helloween Camfrog

  26. happy Holloween a nice gift ;d and its nice fun

  27. Happy Eid al-Adha and Happy Halloween!

  28. Nice

  29. i want to Virtual Gifts :@

  30. wow .. happy halloween and nice promo 3 x Make you
    Camfroger sure to add points to their race I hope you can extend this promo until 3 or 5 november
    camfrog its the best (y)(y)

  31. Semoga camfrog tetap maju

  32. happy holloween 🙂 ))))

  33. Happy Halloween !! and nice promo x3 😀

  34. nice Happy Helloween Camfrog

  35. happy halloween

  36. happy halloween…..

  37. happy halloween

  38. Happy Halloween 😛

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