20 thoughts on “Who's Your Miss 2012?

  1. jonsi

    i think my fabulous twin sister ” moontide” should be given miss 2012 as shes the love child of yoko ono and jimmy henderix.
    shes always putting people before her and shes so friendly and unserstanding. she makes people laugh everyday with her massive god full of lambrini and she shakes her fluffy pen at everyone to wish them a happpy journey through the day.

    MOONTIDE should get miss 2012 for her compassion, dedication, dancing, drinking, love, admiration, repsect, wierdness and finallly cause i love her


    Should be “2 x”, so audiences of the Miss 2012 can’t miss it to take the awesome gift!:) Anyway, nice idea of the gift, Frog…

  3. ^.,^

    I online camfrog everyday someday online 24 H
    Camfrog is good , I can chat with my friend and see face at the sametime
    good for see another ppl as well.

    Thank you alot

    Kanlaya Rattanawaraha

  4. '?

    hello dear camfrog
    thank you eject icon miss 2012 as virtual gifts gift, but even better if you make 30 x 2 so that the whole world crowded Camfroger order (y) (y)

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