Get a Trial of Camfrog Pro!

Send a virtual gift during the month of September, and you, and the gift recipient will automatically be rewarded with a one day trial of Camfrog Pro!

The more gifts you send, the longer your trial will last!

With Camfrog Pro, you can:

  • Open multiple video windows
  • Re-size Video Windows to large sizes
  • Locate what room your friends are in
  • Add cool text and effects to your video
  • Remotely access your webcam from another computer to see what’s going on in your home

Note: Camfrog Pro trial can only be used by the nickname that sends, or receives the gift

Send Virtual Gifts and Get a Camfrog Pro Trial Today

23 thoughts on “Get a Trial of Camfrog Pro!

  1. charmednice (camfrog)

    get me free trial camfrog pro please for two days i wll pay one years

  2. MUT

    how to receive pro for trial one day?
    code serial send to email or code pro direct reward to profile?

    thx, good work..

    btw, i untill now wait update of Android, can view cam in room 😉


    Nice promo, Frog! But many of us prefer to look forward to the promo “2 x 30 points” Gift for this month. It would be much nicer if you launch the “2 x” Gift promo soon! You would find something good on your end yourself then. Believe me! 😉

  4. 🙂 NICE 🙂 … FROG (C) FOR TRIAL

    And it is good for the pro user price is lowered so that the interest to use pro users more.

  5. hello

    my friend sent me a gift and when i look to my profile i find that i won a trial pro code but i don’t know where this pro code can u tell me how to get this pro code?? i mean this Pro code sent to my e mail or my friend e mail or what?

    1. hello,
      Just sign in on the nick you received the bonus gift to, and you will automagically have Camfrog Pro on that nick.

  6. .H


    nice promo frog but it would be great if you launch promo 2 x 30 and will make a happy and good Camfroger you believe immediate future launches 30 x 2..

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