Get Bonus Gift Points Every Time You Send a Gift!

Until August 30th, if you send any virtual gift to another user, you will get a special bonus!

Any time you send a gift, you will automatically receive 1/3rd of the gift points that you send. For example:

If you send a Golder User (Worth 30 Gift Points) You will automatically receive 10 gift points on your own nick. (The receiver will still get the regular amount of points)

Note: You will not receive this bonus if you are sending a virtual gift to your own nick, only when sending gifts to other users.

Use these bonus gift points to increase your Gift Status Badge

Send a Virtual Gift to a Friend Now!

Remember, the more gifts you send, the more bonus points you get on your own nick!

This bonus points promotion will be available until 11:59PM August 30th.


Happy Gifting!

Camfrog 6.3 – Featuring Games and Ponds!

We are proud to announce the release of Camfrog version 6.3.

Camfrog 6.3 is available for download now!

The new features of version 6.3 include two Games: Tic-Tac-Toe and Four in a Row

Try out these games in a video call with your friends!

We also added a new feature called Ponds. A pond is a free mini chatroom, that you can use to invite your buddy list for a multi-user video chat with. You can right-click someone in your friends list, and then “Invite to Pond” to start a pond. When you leave the pond, it dries up and disappears.

You can see when your friends are swimming in a pond, because they may have a cool pond icon in their buddy list!

You can see when your friends are swimming in a pond, if they have a cool pond icon

Ponds are a free mini-chat, that you can use anytime. All the video/audio for a pond goes through our specialized media servers, so you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth. Ponds are a great way to quickly start up a chatroom, without even downloading our server software.

Upgrade for free to Camfrog 6.3 today!