Camfrog Pro: Monthly Subscription Now Available

After receiving many requests, we have now added another way to get Camfrog Pro, with a new monthly subscription.

Now, you can open multiple video windows, view users in a super-big window, locate what room your friends are in, and all the other awesome benefits of Camfrog Pro, for a low monthly price of only $9.95

Note: If you are a Mac OSX user, you will need to update to the latest version of Camfrog for free from our Download Page

Get Camfrog Pro today by visiting our registration page

25 thoughts on “Camfrog Pro: Monthly Subscription Now Available

  1. Xx_Dj_David_xX

    Great idea but this will also be good on Server Pro Codes

  2. james dyke

    hi just wonder now much its going to cost to renew my memebership runs out in 2 weeks

  3. lil_peanut

    I feel that it is not right that I have been on camfrog for 10 years now with my p rocode and I am unable to use my lifetime pro codes on my mobile gadgets, such as my tablet pc


    Wow..nice!! That’s a good approach for beginners to try full features of Camfrog pro!

  5. Ali

    i am 2 years old user of cg i lke this community too much and now i want a pro code coz my pro is now expired

  6. should pro code one month at a price $5

    by comparison with a one year pro code

    please recomended to next promo frog thanks very much.

    Enjoy To Chat All My Friend (H)

  7. ONO

    Nice job frog 🙂
    but is the best 5$ / month
    if can,t I have proposed,
    Please provide website support facilities for the use camfrog pro LOG know so that we know who is using our PRO camfrog.

    by Google Translate

    thank you


    please gift promo free pro code and id character for support all camfroger.

  9. JHL

    hi Nice Camfrog this is Good Idea From Camfrog NIce Pro Code for 1 month its not Expensive Price of pro code Nice Camfrog Best Of Luck(Y)

  10. N0GF

    So Nice Massanger Camfrog . i m so much fun here and maked many friend on Camfrog . hope soon i will Got Virtual Gift on my ID . N0GF < (z)

  11. MaIik

    its really Great Massanger For Camfrog .
    Every One cant leave with Camfrog (L) . i m Got many friends

  12. Zoomshorts

    It is basically a one month trial period. In this way you can test out all the features before going for the year subscription. Pretty cool actually.

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