It's July! Time for Summer!

Ribbit! It’s Summertime Froggers!

For July, we just released some new virtual gifts to help make the summer more fun!

Cool off in the Swimming pool with a friend, and wear some cool swimming trunks, or a bikini. Are you and a friend going to be hitting up the links? Don’t forget your golf bag!

We also added some cool new Animated gifts, by popular request:

A Champagne bottle, for that special occasion, Fireworks to celebrate, and of course, some Kissing Lips for certain someone!

For a limited time, these 3 new animated gifts are x2 points! Don’t wait too long though, because this special offer may not last long!

You can see these gifts, and many more by checking out our virtual gifts page

15 thoughts on “It's July! Time for Summer!


    Have a great Summertime, Frog!

    Nice animated gifts, anyway! But, I vote Fireworks (and still hoping that promo 2 x 30 points gifts would come up on the virtual gift page on this month as well). 🙂

  2. .H

    virtual gift very pretty but I hope that the 30 x 2 points gift can also appear this month for the client and middle-class camfrog

  3. Dario


    cat /etc/issue
    CentOS release 6.2 (Final)
    Kernel r on an m

    camfrogserver work with this version??
    i make

    command :
    echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_window_scaling

    plz help me

    and not login room… plz help me

  4. JHL

    Very nice, congratulations, For All Camfrog User and nice Virtil gift!! its not expensive its good Virtul gift for User Enjoy all CaMfRog User(Y)(Y)!! best Of LucK(Y)

  5. N0GF

    So Nice Massanger Camfrog . i m so much fun here and maked many friend on Camfrog . hope soon i will Got Virtual Gift on my ID . N0GF < (z)

  6. MaIik

    its really Great Massanger For Camfrog .
    Every One cant leave with Camfrog (L) . i m Got many friends

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