Important Announcement about Camfrog Cloud


As you may have noticed, our main hosting provider for Camfrog Cloud Servers has been having some network issues since last night. We would like to apologize for any downtime that is occurring due to this, and assure you that our engineers are, and have been working non-stop to resolve this as soon as possible.

We will update you further when we have more information available.

UPDATE 6/14:Β  If you are still having difficulties logging in with your Linux server, you can try the following temporary work-around(requires root access)


echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_window_scaling

UPDATE 6/15: Our upstream provider (Internet Provider/datacenter) has to do some routing updates that could take several more days. We should be back online by early next week.

We would like to again remind everyone, that all cloud Pro rooms will automatically have extra time added to their serials, or you can contact with your order information and we will issue you a full refund for this.


Thanks for your continued support and loyalty. Keep on Frogging!

The Camfrog Staff

37 thoughts on “Important Announcement about Camfrog Cloud

  1. Danny

    Hi Cam frog, we have issue now with the Linux cam frog we cant switch, on the rooms on the Linux whats the reason for this one dude.

  2. mecatom

    thank you for this update! Still having issues staying logged into camfrog this morning and have been wondering if there have been issues or not

  3. NoDramaUk

    Is this why were having issues with Linux Rooms not signing in???

    But Window Servers seem ok at the present time.


  4. Not only Cloud Server ……. Other Servers are also affected . CF servers running on linux showing messages
    “[2012/06/11 21:42:16] Central Server: Next reconnect timeout: 100 seconds
    [2012/06/11 21:43:57] Central Server: connecting room”

  5. C_u_d_d_l_e_s

    Thank you camfrog for the info.
    And thank you as i have been able to get all my housework while not sitting in SpeakEnglish lol

  6. Mary

    Starting last night I am unable to log into camfrog. I have windows xp. I have tried everything suggested regarding firewalls. I don’t get any error messages it just keeps saying its logging in but never does.

  7. As a frogger we like to thank you for the warning but it seams to me that only few room have been affected by the lost of service…. the room that have been down are the rooms i go into so please hurry on fixing them thank you an have a nice day…….


    ***************SERIOUS COMPLAINT TO CAMFROG******************* due to the issues that camfrog have been having lately with the servers i have had to be against my wishes having to speak to my wife in person and not in instant messaging …..”PLEASE SORT THIS OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE SHE IS DOING MY HEAD IN” thank you xxx


    Thanks for the info, Frog. Hopefully, everything would be fixed very soon. Anyway, Windows based servers seem fine.

  10. Yea all window servers are fine.

    We have moved them all to Windows for now, but please keep us updated Camfrog if possible.


  11. IcedFire

    The rooms that are working now, seem to be working better than before. Perhaps you should save money and just dump the cloud/camfrog-hosted rooms and leave it like this?

  12. welshtaffy

    Thanks for the update.. the downtime is not all that bad.. i have just discovered this thing you call sleep πŸ˜€

  13. NoDrAmaUk

    Thanks for the update.

    Camfrog seems much smoother at this present time, with no where near as many attacks on the busy rooms (from cloud rooms) maybe a rethink could be discussed between Camfrog Admin.

    Thanks again for the hard work.

  14. GoodForTheSoul

    This is good news however i was wondering if this will also allow the Linux rooms to get connected again. I understand your cloud customers are a priority for you however there are a lot of private rooms that use Linux server as was reflected when this first happened and the majority of rooms dropped off the chatroom list lol … Not all of us can afford to put rooms on windows server at the drop of a hat. Not complaining and very happy to see progress is being made but like I said I’d just like to know if you think this may resolve the Linux issue as well.

  15. haggis_trainer

    keep up the good work guys. i know the hassle on restoring servers. but this down time had made me play online games. goat herding just not the fun as camfrog. πŸ˜›

  16. jack06

    Not only Cloud Server
    Other Servers
    exemple: CF servers running on linux
    because runing CF under windows servers is impossible

    1. Jack06, We are working on fixing this as well. We will update you as soon as we know more.


  17. Turning off large window sizes in Linux will get you online for now. That will limit your TCP and UDP window to 64k, so it may have performance implications and not be viable long-term.

    echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_window_scaling

    or whatever the equivalent is on your flavor.

    Seems the network is blocking larger window sizes. Windows by default uses something much smaller than the typical linux performance configuration, so Windows is getting through.

    Maybe that will help Camfrog get the cloud servers back online as well, assuming they run on some linux flavor.

    – TimmyG

  18. momentiliberi

    still don’t connect.. here is south of Italy !
    i hope i can connect soon !
    have good work

  19. rommel

    timmyG, wow your the man, fixed my linux rooms. thanks for the workaround you rock

  20. Dave

    Wish it worked for me but I get “operation not permitted” on centos 6.2

  21. I5E_

    im using for windows xp…why untill now..i cant to log on …but using windows problem..

  22. RaiSaLa

    don’t work for me
    my server show “operation not permitted” on centos 5.6 32bit

    some one help me fix this problem :[

  23. jack06

    How long the cloud servers will be off line….. please………………???????????

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