14 thoughts on “Camfrog Bot 6.0

  1. Floyd

    Love the new documentation great job! Will custom 5.x plugins still work with 6.x?

  2. Older Linux bots used longer time to login as compared to windows , hope this is fixed now
    Also is there a documentation on how to use the new SDK to develop plugin ?


    Wow..Thanks for the update. I just upgraded my bot with this new version and am exploring the new features on it. 🙂

  4. I cannot compile the sample source file. I was able to in 5.0/5.1. I’ve installed boost. I am getting a lot of file not found errors. Shouldn’t the sample project file have all the directory structures setup already?

    I am hoping to convert the micqueue plugin to the new 6.0 SDK system in hopes that it might solve a few outstanding problems.

    I’ve seen reference to MSVC 2010 Express. I’ve upgraded to that compiler. Which one should we be using? There really is not much support in this area, just a lot of guesswork.

  5. there are shortcomings in version 6.0 in the modules 8BALL if I delete one of these words camfrog out the application automatically. Please repair this. thank you

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