We just published an updated version of Camfrog 6.2 for Windows.

This update contains several bugfixes that users have reported to us, as well as some stability enhancements.

We also included updated language packs for international users

We recommend you update to this latest version. You can DOWNLOAD for free at download.camfrog.com

Comments on: "Bugfix Update for Windows Client" (15)

  1. danny said:

    Hi Camfrog thanks for getting back to me in email i am glad you have fixed the issues with camfrog,

  2. NAGABRAHMAN said:

    Wow… nice info. Thanks, Frog! Hopefully, this updated client version run much better than the previous one.

  3. danny said:

    Good Morning I think should close all the other version off on camfrog make us all update to the new camfrog then more user’s should give you more feed back, cuz all these other version out on camfrog silly like other sites when update bring Beta out then they get feed back then they update of the beta when its all sorted they close all the old ones down…. i think would be better idea

    Thanks Danny 🙂

  4. D3EP_ said:

    Nice And Smooth

  5. Camfrog Prince said:

    Hello Camfrog,

    Please fix the bug for invisible user for example like this

    CamfrogPrince : Hello

    User is offline. Your message could not be delivered.

    if user is invisible the person you will message you don’t know if hes online or not like on camfrog version 6.1

    if camfrog 6.2 is doing great for all bug fixes..

    i’m sure all people will start to change too..

    Thank you Camfrog Support Admin’s


  6. Seems great so far, thanks for the update.


  7. Thank’s Camfrog For Update System Bugfix For Windows Client

  8. Zoomshorts said:

    OFF TOPIC suggestion : rooms need inappropriate content reporting buttons also, just like users. Camfrog should be notified and the room “owner” of record should be notified also.

  9. Nice Job… Thanks Frog.. (Y)

  10. Hello Camfrog,

    Where can I download camfrog for windows phone
    Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

    Thank’s Camfrog

  11. thanks for fixing the problems,this is slightly off topic and i would of wrote it in the cloud section. – can you put a feature in the cloud server which allows us to turn off the ability to grab IPs,this would be quite handy as there is a lot of problems with people flooding or passing ips about,thanks(Y)

  12. Camfrog Prince they have done this so the person actually appears to be offline,i think a feature which lets us turn off/hide the message “User is offline. Your message could not be delivered.” would be good as it can be annoying typing to somebody who is appearing offline.

  13. Thank you camfrog

  14. old_bayron said:

    When Integrate Growl or snarl notifications into Camfrog for Windows this features work fine on mac osx.

    Thank you

  15. ku m lopburi said:

    windows phone 8

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