11 thoughts on “Camfrog Video Chat for Android Gets an Update!

  1. Cant Support 🙁 For Huawei Boulder U8350

    🙂 Please 🙂 Recomended for device low price OS Android Froyo (v2.2)
    Display : 2.6-inch HVGA (320X240) Capacitive Touchscreen ,262K

    Device : Huawei Boulder U8350

  2. Jay on Google Play

    Much better 🙂 Thanks guys!

    Still waiting on video, but I have faith…

    Jay on Google Play

  3. Yes Thiss application cant support For Huawei Boulder U8350

    please realese for device 2.6-inch HVGA (320X240).
    thanks frog 🙂 (Y) HURRY GO….

  4. Camfrog Prince

    hello camfrog,

    you did very well ,

    For all users want application camfrog for iphone,windows mobile,android


    hope have a new bot version too like camfrog bot 6.0
    that have bmp like camfrog 3.94 i can still use old version bot in all rooms
    version camfrog

    nice work and good luck for future camfrog 🙂


    Thumbs up!
    Anyway, what about the Camfrog Advanced Server and Bot? When will these progs be updated?

  6. bazook

    Very nice app. The onlything im missing mobile is the option to view users video stream from chat channels 🙂

    Any estimate on when this will be released? =)

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