Do you know what your zodiac sign is? How about your friends? If you’re not sure, you could check Wikipedia. We had lots of requests for some zodiac themed gifts, so we made a gift for your sign! Send a friend their sign, or wear it as a badge on your own profile!

We also made the Taurus medal x2 points until May 20th. Be sure to send this to all your Taurus friends, or yourself if you’re a Taurus.

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Comments on: "New Zodiac Themed Virtual Gifts" (15)

  1. niiiiiiiiiiiice

  2. captentsubasa said:

    im heppy

  3. nice !!!! (Y)

  4. DareT_EL_2yaM said:

    very nice

  5. Thats said:

    Omg , Great

    Keep it up šŸ˜€

  6. swadaya said:

    very very good (Y) like a gold necklace

  7. nice thx admin

  8. NAGABRAHMAN said:

    Me Taurus actually. You should send me that gift, Frog. LoL.

  9. residivis said:

    ty frog ..nice promo good lock i like camfrog.(y)

  10. JUISRI said:

    thank you camfrog nice . I like camfrog? hahaha online long time 7 year
    I like? I love? hehehe your know.

  11. Benisujiwos said:


  12. Zoomshorts said:

    What would really be slick, is having the length of time users have been on Camfrog, display next to their nickname, rounded to the closest year. Just a thought.

  13. I Like It and nice

    so recomended to 2×10 pts

  14. _Mlle_ said:


  15. thank you camfrog nice . I like

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