Camfrog Cloud Scheduled Maintenance and Downtime

Update 5:30pm: Camfrog Cloud is now restored after some unexpected network problems. Thanks for your patience!

Update 4:55pm: We ran into a few difficulties while doing this maintenance. We’re working to restore Camfrog Cloud Server as soon as possible.

UPDATE 2:10pm: Maintenance/upgrade has been moved up to 2:30PM

This evening at approximately 2:30PM EST we will be doing some scheduled maintenance and upgrades for Camfrog Cloud Service. Due to this scheduled maintenance, we will have approximately 1 hour downtime for Camfrog Cloud Servers, while we perform this upgrade.

Important Note: Only Camfrog Cloud Server will be affected by this. Self-hosted Camfrog Servers will not be affected by this downtime.


We thank you for your patience, while we work to make Camfrog the best place to videochat. If you have any questions, you can contact our helpdesk

Camfrog with VoIP

With Camfrog 6.2 you can now call your friends anywhere in the world, or send them an sms.

You can also add your phone number to your Camfrog Profile, so your friends can call, or txt you!

To add your phone number to your profile, just login to the website, and click the SETTINGS link at the top of the page and add your home, office, or mobile number to your profile. Other users will not be able to see this number, and you can also choose to only allow your friends to be able to call or send you an sms – This means that only users that have added you, and you have also added back, can call/txt you.

If you add a number to your profile, your friends will see this green call button next to their nick in your buddy list

If you click the call button, you can then choose which number you want to call or send an sms.

When you send someone an sms/text message, they can even reply to your txt from their phone, and it will show up in the IM window*

*Note: if you log out of Camfrog, and log back in later, you may not be able to receive sms replies

You can buy Camfrog Phone Calling and SMS Credit packs by clicking HERE or by clicking the “Add Credit” button from your buddy list/Dialer window.

To find out how much a call to a certain number or country will cost, you can enter the number into the dialpad

or by going to our website

To use Camfrog VoIP, you must be using the latest version of Camfrog – Download for free

As always, we appreciate our users feedback, and are constantly working to improve Camfrog, to keep it the best place to videochat!

สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์ – Happy New Year!

Songkran (Thai New Year) is coming up soon, so to celebrate, we just released these new HD gifts.

Give the gift of some Thai Frankincense or splash your friends with this Elephant!

Don’t forget, we also have some other cool virtual gifts for Thai New Year Festival, such as a Water Gun, or a Water Bowl, a Powder Bottle, and some Thai Garland!

Just for the occasion, we are making some of these gifts x2 points until April 15th! To see which gifts are double points, look for the “x2” icon next to the gift.

Happy New Year! – สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์

— Your friends at Camfrog

Camfrog Video Chat 6.2 Now Available!

Camfrog Video Chat 6.2 with VOIP is now available!

We just released a new version of Camfrog (For Windows users) with some cool new features, such as

Full VoIP Support for Calling and SMS (Text Messaging)

Call any phone, anywhere in the world, right from your Camfrog buddy list! Just enter in the number at the dialpad, or choose a contact from your buddy list, and press the call button, or enter a number and press the Message button to send an SMS anywhere in the world! You can also add a number to your buddy list, so you can keep in touch with your Camfrog friends, even when they are offline!

VoIP Credit Packs Now Available

New Integrated OpTools

The new built in OpTools help you moderate your chatroom with ease! No more need to enter in complex commands into the chat, just use this easy to use interface. OpTools allows you to add, edit, or delete kick/punish/ban reasons, room warning, and custom ad messages. You can export your reason/ad packs to send to your friends, or other room ops, so they can import into their OpTools, so you all have the same reasons and ad packs.

To enable the new OpTools, just go to the Settings window, and under then General->Common tab, check the box: “Show Operator Tool Window”

Click Here to see the full list of changes and updates.

Camfrog Video Chat Beta Now in Google Play Store

Camfrog Video Chat Beta is now available in the Google Play store!

If you already have Camfrog Video Chat installed on your Android Phone, please uninstall it before downloading from Google Play

Be sure to show how much you love Camfrog by rating it in the Google Play Store!


Download Camfrog Video Chat Beta from Google Play

or scan the QR Code from your phone with your favorite barcode scanner.

Email Verification

When you register a new account, and choose the option to sign up for our monthly newsletter, you are given the option to verify your email address and receive a special gift* If you are already registered, you can verify your email address and be eligible to receive this gift by logging into and clicking the “settings” link to edit your profile.

By verifying your email address, not only will you be able to stay up to date with the latest Camfrog news, updates, and announcements, but you can also receive this exclusive Verified Email Medal on your profile for 30 days!

To verify your account, simply go to your Profile Settings page, and click the link to verify, next to your email address. You will then be sent an email, all you have to do, is click the link to verify that email address belongs to you. That’s it! Easy as pie! (om nom nom)

Note: You can only receive this benefit one time*


Your privacy is important to us. You can read our full privacy policy here

Camfrog Spring Sale

Camfrog 2 For 1 Limited Time DealIt’s Springtime, and to celebrate, we’re kicking off a

Camfrog Pro 2 for 1 Sale!

That’s right, buy one Camfrog Pro annual subscription, and you will receive an additional Activation automatically for FREE!

Note: You don’t have to do anything special to receive this discount, just visit our ORDER PAGE and purchase like normal, and you will automatically receive the additional serial number!

You can give one subscription to a friend or family member, or just use it yourself, to extend your Camfrog Pro subscription to 2 years, at no additional cost.

Sale ended April 10th.

Camfrog Cloud Spring Pricing SpecialIn addition to that amazing BOGO promotion, we are lowering the prices of our Camfrog Cloud Server Hosting. Check out our Cloud Server pricing page for more details.

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